Can Ketoacidosis Cause Chest Pains?

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Fire In My Veins: A Story Of Ketoacidosis

I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 14 long years. During that time, I have had five episodes of ketoacidosis, two of which were brought on by emotional stress. The one that happened eight years ago, shortly after the meltdown of a serious relationship, lives vividly in my memory. Usually I jump out of bed to start the day, but when I woke up that morning, I felt like the bed was on top of me, the weight of my chest too heavy to sit up. My mouth felt full of cotton and my tongue was swollen and useless. I sat up on the edge of my bed and supported my wobbling weight with my arms stretched out at my sides. Suddenly, the heartburn was so strong that it felt like a volcanic eruption from the middle up my chest up to the back of my throat. I think I tasted blood. I needed water. As I stumbled slowly down the stairs to the kitchen, I remembered that the night before, I had gone to bed with my glucose level in the low 100s. I was so distraught about my recent breakup that I couldn’t eat any dinner, but had forced down a few peanuts and a slice of cheese to avoid the ketones that can develop after not eating for too long. I knew that my post-breakup emotions were getting the best of me menta Continue reading >>

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  1. Clare R

    Burned esophagus after DKA

    I tried "Asking an Expert" but no answer yet on this… I need some advice here.
    I went into DKA over this past weekend. The vomiting burned my esophagus to the point that I can't eat regular foods because it hurts so bad. Has anyone experienced this? How long does the pain last? Any suggestions on how I can relieve the pain in the meantime? It's frustrating… swallowing food causes burning pain all the way from my throat down to my stomach.

  2. sandyfrazzini

    I did have that after one episode of DKA several years ago, only it was like everything I ate would give me really bad acid reflux. I don't recall a sore throat, but what I did have lasted a few weeks and was a real pain. Good luck to you, hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Clare R

    All they gave me for the esophagus pain in the hospital was aluminum hydroxide (kinda like MOM) and it didn't help. And then they'd bring me a bunch of things I couldn't eat. I did my best and ate what I could, but that wasn't much. Even water was hard to get down. I don't have a problem with Vicodin… I've taken it plenty of times without withdrawal effects. I'm not sure if throat spray would work, unless I maybe took a swig of it before eating, but I doubt that's recommended.

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