Can I Drink Alcohol In Ketosis?

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Keto And Alcohol, Are They A Good Mix?

Many people who are on a keto diet are wondering if there is some way they can mix keto and alcohol and still get all the benefits of eating according to a keto diet. There are many kinds of alcohol that are not good with a keto diet and there are also some alcoholic drinks that are quite okay when on a keto diet. You can however not drink alcohol on a regular basis if you want to loose weight since it impacts your weight loss progress. When combining keto and alcohol there are some items that are better than others. Try to stick with the hard alcohol such as whiskey or vodka. A glass of dry wine can also be fine some times. Most mixed drinks that you buy out on a club usually contain sugar and are not allowed on a keto diet. You also need to stay away from beer since most beer contain a high amount of carbohydrates. You can usually check the ingredients on the bottles you buy in the store and see that quite quickly you would reach a high amount of carbohydrates. Keto and alcohol, why do they not mix? When the alcohol reaches your body there is no mechanism to store the energy that is in alcohol so the body will metabolize the calories in alcohol before it uses any other energy sou Continue reading >>

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  1. MeepoTwin

    Strategically drinking alcohol to stay in ketosis?

    Hello everyone,
    I understand after drinking alcohol, it is metabolized as acetate. Since acetate cannot be stored, and is considered by the body to be a poison, it is metabolized with the highest priority. This means that all other macro nutrients in the blood will be stored, since the alcohol is being utilized for energy.
    With this logic in mind, if I eat carbohydrates while intoxicated, the body will not begin the process of using carbohydrates for energy because of the alcohol's acetate is currently being processed. This means the carbohydrates will directly be stored without initiating the glucose pathways.
    Does this mean I can stay in keto even after consuming carbs and sobering up since the glucose pathways never began? I do understand alcohol does have an excess amount of calories, and the calories of the carbs still count. But the question is will you stay in ketosis afterwards?
    I feel like it doesn't work this way, but at the same time, the logic seems to somehow work.
    Assuming the first few statements regarding metabolic processes are correct, does this mean you can use alcohol to stay in keto because you never utilize the glucose pathways?
    (I apologize for the lack of sources, I cannot find them at the moment)
    Thanks in advance

  2. toast.tm

    I see where you are coming from and I have been drunk and stayed in Ketosis but...
    The body would switch from using Ketones as fuel to the fuel from the alcohol - ethanol?? So if this was the case then when that runs out (you sober up) it will look for the nearest available fuel (the carbs you ate that haven’t yet been processed) so you would need to get into ketosis again.
    If you drink beer then your eating carbs with the alcohol.
    Sorry this is not a proper answer.
    When I am on Keto I drink slim line Tonic (diet) with Gin and have stayed in but didnt eat carbs.
    I love drinking but to be honest, drinking on keto sucks.

  3. Atavis


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