Can Hypoglycemia Cause Brain Damage

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Can Low Blood Sugar In A Newborn Cause Seizures, Neonatal Hypoglycemic Brain Injury (nhbi), Brain Damage In An Infant Or Cerebral Palsy?

A rapidly growing baby gets glucose or sugar from its mother through the placenta during pregnancy. After birth, the baby gets glucose by producing it in their liver and from breast milk or formula feedings. Babies need sugar or glucose for energy and most of the glucose in their body is being used up by their brains. The brain depends on blood glucose as its main source of energy. Severe or prolonged hypoglycemia or low blood sugar in a newborn that is not treated can result in seizures, serious brain injury, irreversible brain damage, developmental delays, heart failure, seizures, epilepsy or cerebral palsy. Approximately 2 out of every 1,000 babies born suffer from hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Newborns that are more likely to develop problems with their blood sugar are: Premature babies with minimal body fat Small for gestational age Born to diabetic mothers Born to mothers who had an inadequate diet or nutrition during pregnancy Have hemolytic disease of the newborn or incompatibility of blood types of mother and baby Have birth defects Have congenital metabolic diseases Suffered birth asphyxia or lack of oxygen during birth Suffer from cold stress Have liver disease Have a Continue reading >>

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  1. Johannapipo

    Hello everyone,
    I'm currently 33 weeks and 4 days, with first pregnancy, due to circulation issues and a few fibroids I had been classified as a high risk which means apart of my midwife appointments I also see a consultant very few weeks and have regular scans.
    Yesterday I had a scan which shows that the baby's head is 33 weeks +3 days but baby's stomach measured 36 weeks +3 days, the girl measured 3 times to make sure it was right and at the end told me she will need to scan me in a couple of weeks to make sure it does not keep growing but after that I saw the consultant and she said is no need for a further scan.
    As you all know our job is to worry, just wondering if any of you has come across with something similar or know anything about it.... I don't know if this is normal or can bring consequences in the future, just want to understand what's happening...

    Thank you

  2. Misspins

    Sounds like you have a little fatty in there that's all. All babies are different like their parents. If the consultants not worried I wouldn't be either mine showed as having a fat belly at 29 weeks but growth had evened out at 33 weeks. Not long to go now so enjoy making sure everything is ready!!

  3. Johannapipo

    Misspins thank you for your answer, I've been reading online and comparing measures and yes looks like we are having a fatty lol, the only concerns the consultant showed were that she is expecting baby to arrive few weeks earlier than the due date, shoulders getting stuck on delivery and me bleeding after delivery due to fibroids so I may ask her if its any option of cesarean instead, she has not suggested yet.
    You are right getting ready as any minute now

    Good luck to you

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