Can Dka Cause Lactic Acidosis?

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Lactic Acidosis Associated With Ketoacidosis

Surely there are enough reasons to have a nice acidosis when you are full of ketones. But on top of all that, you can also get a lactic acidosis. There is an association of diabetic ketoacidosis and lactic acidosis that goes beyond the tendency of diabetics to be on metformin. Indeed, in one case series there was “significant” lactate levels (i.e. over 4.0 mmol/L) in 40% of the patients. Glucose levels tended to correlated with lactate levels, suggesting that the lactate here is being produced as a result of some sort of abnormal cellular carbohydrate handing. The authors of this recent paper have admitted that this association is poorly researched. There does not seem to be a good mechanism worked out at this stage. Again, endogenous catecholamine excess is implicated. It is known that adrenaline levels correlate with DKA severity. D-lactate production may also play a role. A 2011 study has correlated D-lactate levels to the size of the anion gap in diabetic ketoacidosis; the article also ventures a hypothetical mechanism as to how this comes about. In any case, a much earlier study has demonstrated that whereas the ketone body levels correlated well with pH, the lactate did n Continue reading >>

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  1. Feldew

    I have a friend who's three month's pregnant and I mentioned keto to her, but we weren't sure if it would be safe to go into ketosis when you're already pregnant. I figure it can't be too bad to be in ketosis and then get pregnant, but her already being pregnant makes me a bit hesitant to suggest it until the baby is born.

  2. sellyberry

    Keto is safe if you do it safely? Drink lots of water, get electrolytes, eat when you are hungry.
    Depending on start weight, if she is obese and her doctors told her to try to not gain a lot, then it's fine. I wouldn't recommend any diet to someone of normal weight who just doesn't want to get fat. Gaining weight is a very important part of growing and eventually feeding a healthy baby.
    I was keto when I conceive both my kids but because of cravings I wasn't able to maintain the diet. Postpartum it took me 6 months with the first and 4 months with the second to get back into keto and once I did I lost (am losing) the weight pretty easily.
    If she's diabetic or has other medical issues it's questionable to start while pregnant.

  3. Feldew

    She's of normal weight, no issues that I know of, she did say she's having trouble eating as many calories as she's told to every day.

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