Can Diabetic Seizures Cause Brain Damage?

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Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is one of the most common health issues that can occur during pregnancy. It occurs when the mother is first diagnosed with diabetes partway through the pregnancy. The key to minimizing the effects of gestational diabetes is diagnosing it early through the use of an oral glucose tolerance test. If gestational diabetes is not diagnosed properly, it can lead to macrosomia in the baby (abnormally large fetal size), which puts the baby at risk for neonatal hypoglycemia, trauma, and other complications. It can also lead to jaundice, premature birth, birth asphyxia, and reduced uteroplacental perfusion (RUPP), which harms both mother and child by reducing blood flow between baby and mother. Gestational Diabetes and Birth Injury During pregnancy, hormonal changes can make an expectant mother’s cells less responsive to insulin. When a person’s body needs more insulin, the pancreas secretes more. However, pregnant women often experience increased insulin demand during pregnancy, and, as a result, their pancreases cannot keep up with the demand. Ultimately, these pregnant women experience heightened blood glucose levels with resultant gestational diabetes. Currently, Continue reading >>

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  1. Richard157

    Diabetes and Brain Damage

    This was a very popular thread on another diabetes website so I thought I might give it a try here. I will start by giving a little of my own experience with this topic and my initial rejection of the idea that hypos could cause brain damage. My opinion has changed since that time!
    In the mid-70's I had a doctor, a GP, who had moved to the U.S. from Germany. He asked me many questions about my diabetes. He told me that hypoglycemic episodes can cause brain damage. I assumed that he was using scare tactics to make me work for better control. Now that so much more is known about diabetes and we have this wonderful tool, the computer, at our finger tips, I have researched this topic. I researched "diabetes and brain damage" on a search engine and found a site entitled "Diabetes Self-Management-Hypoglycemia and Brain Damage".
    Yes, very bad hypoglycemic reactions do seem to cause brain damage but it is usually temporary. In some instances, however, a more permanent memory loss can occur.

  2. Tiger Lily

    well, in relation to hypos, i was recently reading that vision loss can occur as a result of hypos.....
    i'm not sure i believe long term brain damage can occur unless we are talking about hypos where the patient goes into seizures and goes unconscious for hours or days at a time
    what level of hypo were you talking about?

  3. tralea

    Well, I think that if you're having lows to the point of severe hypounawareness, then I think it's probably possible to suffer brain damage.

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