Can Caffeine Affect Ketosis?

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7 Negative Effects Of Drinking Coffee

And a Super Alternative for You Some people like to say that coffee is America’s favorite drug. Who are these people? I don’t know, but trust me they say it. Who doesn’t like waking up and injecting your body with a jolt of caffeine? Now if you love coffee and are reading this then you might already be rolling your eyes. For all intents and purposes, coffee isn’t that bad for you and people do just fine going their whole life drinking it. Problems start to occur though when you can’t go a day without having a good ol’ cup of Joe. In this post, we will be exploring the potential negative effects that coffee can have on you. Please don’t shoot the messenger. I just want to help build a better world with healthy and happy people. The Negative Effects of Drinking Coffee These points aren’t meant to get you to stop drinking coffee. If it’s part of your routine that you don’t want to give up then it’s part of your routine. These points are just mentioned to raise the awareness of what coffee can do to you. 1. Hydrochloric Acid It’s not fair that I start off with this bombshell. Hydrochloric acid sounds pretty damn serious, right? The problem with hydrochloric acid Continue reading >>

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  1. dropped9

    I think I have narrowed down what is causing me to not be in ketosis...
    OH NO!
    Does it knock you out of ketosis?

  2. peauk

    I'd say for me no. I started off drinking my usual 5 cups a day, and was in ketosis. I reduced it & I was drinking 1 cup a day & still in ketosis. I think it varies from person to person whether it causes your weight loss to stall.

  3. CarlG

    Maybe try a half and half mix of regular and decaf to see if that helps at all? I have 12 oz of that every day with good steady weight loss while still getting my morning ritual / boost.

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