Can Alcohol Cause Acidosis?

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Alcoholic Ketoacidosisunderrecognized Cause Of Metabolic Acidosis In The Elderly

Alcoholic KetoacidosisUnderrecognized Cause of Metabolic Acidosis in the Elderly The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that substance abuse among adults age 60 years and older is a rapidly growing health problem. The report also stated that in 2000, 17% of Americans age 65 and older had problems with prescription drug and alcohol abuse.1 Most elderly people with alcohol abuse problems have a history of early-life alcohol abuse. However, a significant proportion start drinking later in life in response to traumatic life events such as the death of a loved one, loneliness, pain, insomnia, and retirement. This subset often experiences periods of binge drinking with little or no food intake. Alcoholic ketoacidosis (AKA) is an acute anion gap metabolic acidosis that typically occurs in people with a recent history of binge drinking and little or no nutritional intake. Some patients with AKA also have intractable vomiting and dehydration, and in these cases there is a concomitant metabolic alkalosis. An 86-year-old female, who had been a widow for the past 20 years, presented to the hospital with complaints of nausea, epigastric discomfort, and br Continue reading >>

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  1. boobear

    Hi everyone, I've done keto/low carb on/off last few years. Got really keto serious three weeks ago. On the whole last week my husband pretty much wanted to puke every time I spoke near him as he said my breath was soooo bad. I drink tons of water, chew gum etc. It was making me so self conscious that I went off the next day. It's been two days off and Breath is better but I really hate the way I feel eating carbs. Is there any tips for the keto breath, will it pass, and if so after how long??? It is literally the only thing that stops me from going back! Thanks in advance!

  2. Jessica

    They say that burning fat can cause bad breath due to chemicals released in the process. It's metabolic and not hygiene related. It doesn't usually last forever! Don't let it discourage you! Keep drinking lots of water

  3. boobear

    I'm trying really hard not too! I'm going to get back on tomorrow and keep ketoing but I hate being paranoid about my breath :(.

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