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Watch me as I go through the process of going out of ketosis and getting back into ketosis while testing with a breathalyzer. Hoping to find an affordable alternative.

Ketone Testing: What You Need To Know

What are ketones? Ketones are produced when the body burns fat for energy or fuel. They are also produced when you lose weight or if there is not enough insulin to help your body use sugar for energy. Without enough insulin, glucose builds up in the blood. Since the body is unable to use glucose for energy, it breaks down fat instead. When this occurs, ketones form in the blood and spill into the urine. These ketones can make you very sick. How can I test for ketones? You can test to see if your body is making any ketones by doing a simple urine test. There are several products available for ketone testing and they can be purchased, without a prescription, at your pharmacy. The test result can be negative, or show small, moderate, or large quantities of ketones. When should I test for ketones? Anytime your blood glucose is over 250 mg/dl for two tests in a row. When you are ill. Often illness, infections, or injuries will cause sudden high blood glucose and this is an especially important time to check for ketones. When you are planning to exercise and the blood glucose is over 250 mg/dl. If you are pregnant, you should test for ketones each morning before breakfast and any time th Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. AgentSushiroll

    Hi, I've been reading comments here and there and some of you say that keto works best with no exercise. Is that true? That's sort of doesn't make sense to me, I used to be of the 'eat low fat, gym every waking moment of every day' school of dieting. If it is true, is there an explanation for this?
    Also, are there any ketoers out there who are using keto to get lean and defined and not so much weight loss? Do you think it's a good diet to achieve muscle definition? EDIT: Found info that keto can help you get lean. But is CKD better for this? At the moment I keep carbs 30g and below, and eat about 1200 calories if that, and no cheat days.
    More info: I am female 5'4'' and 56 kilos. My original aim was to be 52 kilos but I've decided I'm happy with my weight now, but I'd like to see some abs.
    Thanks for any help, guys! Just wanna say I'm really glad to have found this diet and community. I have been on a diet cpretty much continuosly for 3 years and this is the only one where I don't go to bed hungry. :D

  2. enforce1

    That is absolutely not the case.
    Exercise is good for you, no matter how you eat.

  3. gogge

    Exercise is good for general health and increasing muscle mass, or preventing loss of muscle when losing weight.
    AFAIK this is true on any diet.
    Standard keto and lifting are great for losing weight and preserving muscle mass, here's a low carb study comparing the effect of high/low carb intake (low carb gained 2.2 lbs of muscle and lost 17 lbs of fat over 12-16 weeks) when lifting:
    Volek JS, Quann EE, Forsythe CE, "Low carbohydrate diets promote a more favorable body composition than low fat diets". Strength and Conditioning Journal 2010, 32(1):42-47
    But due to the lower carb intake, and resulting low muscle glycogen, standard keto isn't optimal for high intensity work (e.g lifting, sprinting) like when trying to gain muscle mass while minimizing fat gain. CKD and TKD adds carbs to help with the low muscle glycogen:
    SKD = Standard Ketogenic Diet.
    It is a basic physiological fact that Type II fibers require glycogen to function optimally. Therefore, a SKD will eventually decrease performance as well as inhibit muscle growth. Individuals who wish to weight train on a ketogenic diet will have to consume carbohydrates at some point.
    "The Ketogenic Diet" by Lyle McDonald, page 215.
    The carbs allow for high intensity work, and muscle gain, while still having the benefit of ketosis to prevent excess fat gain.
    So, if your primary goal is weight loss then just do standard keto. If you also want to prevent loss of muscle mass then add exercise. If you want to gain muscle then do CKD/TKD, exercise, and eat more.

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Urine Tests For Diabetes: Glucose Levels And Ketones

The human body primarily runs on glucose. When your body is low on glucose, or if you have diabetes and don’t have enough insulin to help your cells absorb the glucose, your body starts breaking down fats for energy. Ketones (chemically known as ketone bodies) are byproducts of the breakdown of fatty acids. The breakdown of fat for fuel and the creation of ketones is a normal process for everyone. In a person without diabetes, insulin, glucagon, and other hormones prevent ketone levels in the blood from getting too high. However, people with diabetes are at risk for ketone buildup in their blood. If left untreated, people with type 1 diabetes are at risk for developing a condition called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). While rare, it’s possible for people with type 2 diabetes to experience DKA in certain circumstances as well. If you have diabetes, you need to be especially aware of the symptoms that having too many ketones in your body can cause. These include: If you don’t get treatment, the symptoms can progress to: a fruity breath odor stomach pain trouble breathing You should always seek immediate medical attention if your ketone levels are high. Testing your blood or urine Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. KOSHIE1

    KETOSIS is a chemical /metabolic state your body is (or isn't!) in. Either your carbs are low enough for your body to be in ketosis, OR NOT. As long as you are in ketosis, your body metabolizes food differently -- it is totally irrelevant whether you are consuming "X" or "Y" number of carbs. In other words, IF you are in ketosis, it doesn't matter how deeply you are in ketosis, or how deeply purple your Ketostix are. You simply ARE or ARE NOT in ketosis.
    Eat too many carbs and your body goes out of ketosis, and changes the way it metabolizes food.
    WHILE IN KETOSIS, you cannot get all the caloric energy out of the food you eat. Fat will only give you 1 (ONE!) calorie of energy, not 9! Protein will give you only 2 calories, not 4; but carbs will still give you the full 4 calories whether or not you are in ketosis.
    So, your Ketostix turn purple because you are in ketosis and producing ketones through your now-inefficient metabolic breakdown of fat. Deeper purple is caused by more ketones, which is caused by eating more fat -- it has absolutely NOTHING to do with changing your body's "level" of ketosis. Remember, you either ARE or ARE NOT in ketosis! THERE ARE NO LEVELS OF KETOSIS, ONLY CONCENTRATIONS OF KETONES, which is entirely dependent upon how much fat you eat.
    So if you are sure you are in ketosis (which you seem to be because your Ketostix are still consistently turning even the palest shade of purple -- which can only happen if you are producing ketones which can only happen if you are in ketosis), then you can only have a limited number of problems (and it isn't ketosis!):
    1. You are simply eating TOO much, too many calories to lose weight! (and it probably is protein).
    2. You are on a plateau, and simply must wait it out.
    3. You are having a "sensitivity" issue that is causing you to retain your weight (probably water). You could be sensitive to anything: milk products, gluten, artificial sweeteners (beware maltitol), medicines, ...
    Three weeks is not an unusually long time for your weight to be stable despite your "best efforts" at losing weight. Review your daily food records and see if there is anything different about the last three weeks. Maybe you can find a clue that way.
    Note: Are you eating maltitol? LOTs of people stall by eating maltitol. "They" say maltitol has "ZERO" effective carbs; but the USDA has research that indicates that maltitol is actually worth "half" its total grams, NOT none of its grams!

    current weight: 206.0







    Are your calories too high?
    I have noticed that if my carbs are the right level and I'm in ketosis, that if I see how many calories I've eaten, I'm usually around/over 1500.
    According to Atkins, eating protein/fat is supposed to keep you full so you don't want or need to overeat. I must concur! When I overeat because it tastes so good, but I'm not hungry, I see it in the scale. For me, I've learned 1200-1300 is a good place to be, and 70% fat/30% protein is a good ratio for me (the carbs range from 20-35 when I'm losing).
    Eating after dinner also causes me to stall.

    current weight: 192.0







    Tinamarie, are you actually counting your carbs? You may be eating more carbs than you think. I understand that you can register in ketosis with up to 30 net carbs/day, maybe more, but if you're in the induction phase, you only want to be at 20. I am pretty much at that point too. Also, are you exercising. I tend to lose more weight more quickly when I don't exercise. So if you're exercising and doing everything right, just keep it up and know that doing the right thing will get you to where you want to go. I too have been in ketosis for a while and am not losing weight - I work out at least an hour a day at least 5 days/week, so I know I'm getting in better shape and that the weight loss is going slower than it has been. I just keep doing what I'm doing and I know I will reach my goals - just not by the time I had hoped.

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Ketones — The 6 Must-knows

WRITTEN BY: Kyla Schmieg, BSN, RN Editor’s Note: Kyla Schmieg (BSN, RN) is a practicing pediatric endocrinology nurse in Cincinnati, OH, USA, and Type 1 Diabetic, working on the same unit she was diagnosed at 26 years ago. 1 – What are ketones? Ketones are chemicals that build up when your body starts to burn fat for energy. The most common cause of ketones in diabetics is insulin deficiency. Without enough insulin, glucose builds up in the blood stream and can’t enter cells. The cells then burn fat instead of glucose. This results in ketones forming in the blood and eventually spilling into urine. 2 – Why can ketones be dangerous? Having ketones can indicate that your body needs more insulin. (Always monitor your blood sugar levels to know how much insulin you need.) If you have a build up of ketones, this can lead to Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). Signs of DKA include moderate or large ketones, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fruity or acetone (think nail polish remover) breath, rapid breathing, flushed skin, and lack of energy. If left untreated, it can lead to a serious and life-threatening diabetic coma or death. High levels of ketones are toxic to the body and if you Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Frentzke

    I'm curious to hear the experiences of others with distance running while being Keto. I'm in the second week of training for a half marathon in April. I've had no problem running 3 miles fasted for around 22 hours, but I'm interested in the possible need to fuel with fat on longer runs. Last October I completed a 10k after doing a fat fast for 5 days and then the morning of the race ate three eggs fried in a ton of butter. I actually beat my best training time by a decent amount with this plan, but 13.1 miles could require a different strategy. Thanks for any tips and Keto on!

  2. bodwest

    Check this podcast out - it has information that should be very helpful: https://blog.bulletproof.com/102-extreme-endurance-training-and-ketosis-with-ben-greenfield-podcast/

  3. Jacquie

    I think @trekkin1 is a keto long distance runner and @Emacfarland is a shorter keto distance runner. Hopefully, they will chime in soon with lots of good information.

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