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3 Injections That Can Banish Joint Pain For Months

If you’re one of the 30 million adults in the United States who suffer with joint pain, you know the pain often is debilitating. It can keep you from staying active and even make daily chores seem impossible. What you might not know is that your doctor can treat you with more than pills. There are two types of injections — and a third under investigation — that can alleviate your symptoms for months, says physiatrist Michael Schaefer, MD, Cleveland Clinic’s Director of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. Depending on the severity of your joint pain or osteoarthritis, a corticosteroid or hyaluronic acid injection can help get you moving again, he says. “We use these injections to reduce inflammation and pain in your joints,” he says. “With this treatment, you can often experience fewer symptoms for several months.” Dr. Schaefer discusses how doctors use the injections so you’ll know the differences and can ask your doctor whether injections might help you. Corticosteroid injections Use: This injection is the first line of defense against osteoarthritis symptoms and other joint pain in shoulders, knees and hips, Dr. Schaefer says. Corticosteroids can offer relief for tw Continue reading >>

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  1. realsis77

    does being in pain raise blood glucose numbers?

    I was wondering about if pain actually raises BG numbers? I had some spinal injections two days ago and in total I has ten. I have a failed spinal fusion. Well I've noticed after the shots my BG levels have been through the roof! I'm having to use my insulin 3xs a day as opposed to once a day (sliding scale). I've been in a tremendous amount of pain from the procedure I've had and wonder can pain make our BG levels rise? I would love to hear your opinions on this! Thank you family! Your all the best!

  2. Pappywills

    I have been in severe pain because of bone on bone knee, my BG has been way too high and I have not changed my diet. I am eating as I had been before and keeping my sugar levels in perfect shape. Since the pain has gotten severe my BG has stayed 250 - over 300. Totally not normal for me. So yes, pain can effect BG.

  3. mas14years

    I have a condition of chronic stomach pain and yes it makes my blood sugar very high at times. I hate taking pain medication but if i dont i can not get it down. What kind of shots did you have, if they used a steroid that will also raise your sugar.

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