Blood Glucose:ketone Ratio

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Biohacking: Using The Glucose Ketone Index

Looking for a way to measure metabolic health? One technique is to look at the ratio of blood glucose to blood ketones. The idea is to reduce carbohydrate intake which will result in lower blood sugar and higher ketone levels. The chart below explains the ideal ratios. The glucose ketone index is simply a way to measure the relationship between your ketone levels and your glucose levels at any moment in time. It is measured by dividing your blood glucose level (mmol/L) by your blood ketone level (mmol/L). The result is a single number we can use an indicator of one’s metabolic state. The index has its roots in brain cancer treatment, where researchers using metabolic therapy found best results when glucose and ketones maintained a very precise relationship in the patient [1]. Since there are many aspects of daily life (stress, exercise, nutrition etc.) that can upset glucose or ketone levels in the body, thereby throwing off the optimal glucose-ketone ratio, the index was developed to ensure both metrics (glucose and ketones) are maintaining the ideal ratio for optimal treatment outcomes. [ … Read More … ] I tend to stay in a solid level of ketosis most of the day and cycle o Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Bubblegurl

    What is the difference between a glucose meter and a ketone meter? These two devices are the same right?

  2. 4dml

    There are only 3 ketone meters (Precision Xtra, Keto Mojo, Nova Max) and they can all read glucose. There are many glucose only meters in the market.
    Ketone strips are expensive, costing a minimum of $1 each. Mojo has the cheapest, followed by Max, then Xtra, though the later can be found on sale. The glucose strips are cheaper.

    I’ve had the Xtra for a few months and just bought the Mojo. I use an inexpensive Walmart meter for glucose because the strips are cheap.

  3. collaroygal

    Just adding to the above. If your concern is primarily your blood sugar numbers, then a glucose meter is what you want.
    If you want to concentrate on ketone production and staying with a certain level of ketosis then the ketone meter is what you need. If both, go for the combo meters listed in the above post.

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