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Avoid This Ketogenic Rip-off

The Truth About Exogenous Ketones Ketones are all the rage among low carbers. And like most things in nutrition and performance, we've found a way to get them in supplement form so we don't have to do any actual work. What are ketones? They're a byproduct of ketosis caused by the process of converting fat to fuel. Your body makes them when it's in a calorie or carb restricted state. What do they do? The body and brain can use them as fuel without the presence of glucose in the blood. And now, you can take ketone supplements (salts and esters), known as exogenous ketones, without actually restricting anything. According to those promoting this nasty-tasting supplement, that means you can have a brain and body fuelled by ketones, along with all of the supposed health benefits that come with running on fat. Well, don't fall for it. Exogenous Ketones = Endogenous Fat Storage? The problem with ketone supplementation (EXOgenous) is that it's not even close to the same thing as being in ketosis (ENDOgenous ketone production). And just like the butter-blended-into-coffee trend, it's a farce. Ketones may be depressing dieters' hunger and giving them a hit of energy and cognitive enhancement Continue reading >>

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  1. ibwk

    i thought about 2 scenarios:

    if i told people about keto and were an example how a weak willed person can drop weight and keep it off, most of them still wouldn't do it: "fat is bad for you", "oh but cholesterol", "it won't work for me", "but whole grains are good for you!", "milk contains calcium", "fruit are full of vitamins", etc.

    on the other hand, if i sold some seriously overpriced capsules that have nothing to do with weight loss (think $100 psyllium husk/lite salt) and included "what you need to do for them to work" manual (which would be keto), i would make a fortune and people wouldn't be nearly as opposed.
    it's a mentality thing.

  2. ShadowDonut

    Yeah, had my girlfriend's friend say to me "have fun with your cholesterol later in life" when we were talking about how I ate 4 eggs for breakfast. Siiiiigh.

  3. hastasiempre

    4 eggs? Are you fasting?

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