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Does Quitting Carbs Cause Thyroid Issues?

Alright, this is a controversial one. Anything Paleo-orientated generally is. But let’s wade in. I have a number of reasons for distancing myself from the Paleo movement. I agree with many of the dietary principles inherent, just not the faddishness, the fanaticism and the insistence on basing it on a meta-theory of how we ate 10,000 years ago. I’m also cautious about the whole low/no-carb fervour in general. It’s not for everyone. Like, for instance, anyone trying to get pregnant. But today I want to raise this one: cutting carbs might just trigger thyroid problems. Strap in. I recently came across American biochemistry and genetics expert, Dr. Cate, and have asked her to flesh things out… People who run into trouble going low-carb seem to follow a pattern. First, they (make) a relatively abrupt switch to low carb (often less than 50 gm). Initially they lose weight as hoped but then, instead of feeling more energetic from their weight loss, they develop fatigue, sometimes accompanied by symptoms of low thyroid function including cold extremities, hair loss, and digestive problems. Because their fatigue and other symptoms are classic for thyroid malfunction, many will get t Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Clare

    Does anyone else find that they get motivated to declutter their home while on a fast?!
    This was recently discussed on a Facebook group I'm in, I find the whole idea of 'body' and 'home' autophagy fascinating.......
    I wonder if anyone else experiences the same urge to declutter when fasting or in deep ketosis?
    Maybe its something to do with having that boost in energy that fasting brings plus the extra time that the lack of food prep and eating offers?!
    Anyone else noticed this correlation?

    ***Apologies to admin if I have posted this in the wrong category.

  2. leenie

    Personally, I feel empowered when I'm on a Keto high. My brain is laser focused and overall I move at a much quicker pace and on top of that I don't tire. It's crazy how much I get accomplished when I have high ketones! I do find I go out of my way to clean and straighten up more than usual when I'm feeling wonderful.

  3. Clare

    Yep me too!
    Im thinking it's like we have physiologically evolved to have more energy available when carbs are low, or scarce.
    In temperate climates, during Autumn/winter it seems like we naturally hibernate and conserve energy, and those times are when we have more access to fruits and root vegetables.
    Ketones seem to boost energy levels and during lean times this would give us the energy required. Is it a coincidence that we 'Spring'clean when food would have naturally been scarce?!

    Just something I'm pondering...... lol

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