Are Lions In Ketosis

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Over A Decade Later

How fun is this, one of my college roommates was in town for work and we were able to meet up for a dinner. So fun! We hadn't seen each other for 11 years. Isn't she just the cutest!?!? Christel and Ashley joined us. It was hilarious, and fun, and I was again reminded of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful life :) Thank you for all of the uplifting comments on the blog, and the helpful hints! I should clarify a few things... 1. The majority of my days are on the restricted ketogenic diet. I have lost about six pounds because of it. Some days, on the weekends or if I'm just in the mood to eat more, I eat the generic ketogenic diet. It's very important to restrict my calories in order for the ketogenic diet to starve my brain tumor or alleviate my seizure problem, but in order for me to stay on the diet I have to allow myself days when I can eat as much ketogenic friendly foods as I want. That way I don't feel deprived. I have been in ketosis for almost two weeks now. I have not cheated, nor have I wanted to. Not yet anyway :). I keep my carbs lower than 20 grams per day. If you want more information, as Scott commented, check out Dr Thomas Seyfried one of the foremost researcher Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. wine

    My Penis doesn't like Ketosis....

    ...anyone have any similar reactions?

  2. Popa Murph

    R U loosing weight in your penis?

  3. wine

    lol..no..he's still a heavyweight..he just doesnt feel like training as often....
    but then I have a week of carbs and he's peachy keen again...wants to run marathons and ****...overzealous little bastard...

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