Amino Acids Can Be Used By The Body To Make Glucose And Fatty Acids Quizlet

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Client (M.R.) is 17 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a few years back. Three months ago his A1C was at its lowest of 7.6. His most recent A1C was 8.1 and the doctor referred him back to the dietitian. The client knows what he should be doing as a diabetic but has gotten lazy. In this session we will discuss his current obstacles and try to move him into the preparation and action stages for healthier snacks, eating smaller meals more frequently, and incorporating physical activity more often.

Ntr 312 Exam 2 Flashcards | Quizlet

Transamination: attaching amino group to a carboxyl group; process by which cells make nonessential amino acids Does denaturation of protein affect the nutritional content of the protein? Name some examples of protein denaturation in foods. Denaturation: proteins uncoiling; results from change in pH (acids), addition of heat, high salt concentration, mechanical breakdown It does NOT change the nutritional content of protein. High fevers (105.8) can denature proteins Protein digestion in the GI tract. (In your description include the digestive juices / enzymes secreted, review the hormones involved) STOMACH: pepsin breaks down large peptide chains SMALL INTESTINE: proteases come from pancreas to break down smaller chains into dipeptides, and tripeptides. peptidases (on microvilli) break small chains into individual amino acids Into what circulatory system are amino acids, dipeptides and tripeptides absorbed? Amino acids are absorbed into the blood stream through the micro villi in the small intestine What provides the instructions for all proteins synthesized in the body? Described the process of transcription and translation in synthesizing proteins. DNA ---> mRNA--->attaches to r Continue reading >>

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  1. ad5206bn10

    I am male and 47 years old, 187 cm tall and had a weight of 93 kg when I started with eating ketogenic six weeks ago (6.14 ft tall, 205 pound weight).
    My aim is to loose weight in a healthy way.
    Beforehand starting with keto I was doing sports regulary:
    two times a week, one hour of jogging, pulse rate below 140.
    When I go jogging now, I have a pulse rate of 173 after some minutes. This is my maximum pulse. I get scared because it seems too stressful for my body.
    Is there anything I can do against this high pulse rate?

    Perhaps eating some carbs before jogging? If yes, how many would be helpful?

  2. ketoman

    Not sure how useful this is to you but I've seen that my heart rate is significantly impacted by my hydration level. Doing cardio when I've taken on less fluids than my normal results in my heart rate being 15-20bpm higher for the same intensity.
    Biologically this makes sense, if your blood volume is reduced the heart has to increase rate to maintain same blood flow. I believe electrolytes will have similar effect.

    Interestingly for me, if I didn't have the heart rate meter showing me the difference I don't think I would have been able to tell

  3. rein

    I haven't experienced the high pulse but when I forget my electrolytes supplements, I do get more exhausted more quickly.
    These are the supplements:

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Nutrition Exam 6-7

Sort the _________________ structure of proteins occurs as long polypeptide chains twist and fold into a variety of complex tangled shapes (aa side groups attracted to water = hydrophilic) (aa side groups repel water = hydrophilic) tertiary structure when polypeptides enter the small intestine, several pancreatic and intestinal _______________ hydrolyze them further into short peptide chains. the _______________ enzymes on the membrane surfaces of the intestinal cells split most of the dipeptides and tripeptides into single single amino acids 1. proteases 2. peptidase the instructions for making every protein in a person's body are transmitted by way of the genetic information received at conception. this body of knowledge which is filed by _____________ within the nucleus of every cell, never leaves the nucleus DNA in the 1st step, known as ______________ , a stretch of DNA is used as a template to make messenger RNA. messenger RNA then carries the code across the nuclear membrane into the body of the cell, where it seeks out and attaches itself to one of the ribosome transcription an error in the amino acid sequence results in an altered protein--sometimes with dramatic consequen Continue reading >>

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  1. JEarle99

    Someone told me while doing ketosos, you should drink lemon water to reduce the chance of kidney stones. If I'm having half of a lemon in water, is it likely to get kicked out of ketosis?
    The only other carbs in eating is spinach, kale and avocados.

  2. larry

    Lemon juice is 8 % carbohydrate. So figure out how much you're taking in and add it to your daily carbohydrate count.

  3. Fiorella

    I doubt it. Juice from one lemon is about 6 g net carbs. If you use quarter lemon in a mug of hot water, it will likely not be a problem. I drink black tea everyday, and a add fresh slices of lemon. It does not kick me out of ketosis. But, the best thing to do is test and see how your body takes it.

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Nutrition Chapter 7

Sort 13. Before entering the TCA cycle, each of the energy yielding nutrients nutrients is broken down to: a. ammonia b. pyruvate c. electrons d. acetyl CoA d. acetyl CoA 17. During a fast, when glycogen stores have been depleted, the body begins to synthesize glucose from: a. acetyl CoA b. amino acids c. fatty acids d. ketone bodies b. amino acids Learn it - Summarize the main steps in the energy metabolism of glucose, glycerol, fatty acids, and amino acids Carbohydrate, fat, and protein take different paths to acetyl CoA, but once there, the final pathways - the TCA cycle and electron transport change- are shared. All of the pathways, which are shown as a simplified overview in Fig 7-5 (p207), are shown in more detail in Fig 7-18 (p216). Instead of dismissing this figure as "too busy." take a few moments to appreciated the busyness of it all. Consider that this figure is merely an overview of energy metabolism, and then imagine how busy a living cell really is during the metabolism of hundreds of compounds, each of which may be involved in several reactions, each requiring specific enzymes. Learn it - Explain how an excess of any of the three energy-yielding nutrients contributes Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Nick

    I'm on a ketogenic diet and have stopped taking protein shakes (excepting post-workout protein powder with water) because I've heard that it may cause an insulin spike. Is it true that protein powder with water will knock you out of ketosis? The one I'm using in particular is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey.

  2. MattyP

    Yes it can.
    Protein is made up of seven different aminos, some of which (just as j.rightly correctly pointed out) can knock you out of ketosis because they are broken down into glucose in your blood.
    j.rightly is corrct. Do some research and it will confirm that protein can knock you out of keto. Anyone who says it can't doesn't understand the science behind it.
    That is why you are meant to eat about 65% of your diet from fats, 30% protein and no more than about 5% carbs (which will be incidental from your fat & protein based meals) to be sure you stay in ketosis.

  3. JoJo

    Ketosis is the deprivation of carbs. High end protein shakes, such as your ON Gold, don't contain many carbs. Thus, drinking your protein shake won't remove you from your ketogenic state. On the other hand, cheap proteins (Muscle Milk) and any protein labeled as "mass builder" will contain carbs to prevent ketosis.
    Your comment about protein shakes spiking insulin is wrong. Insulin is secreted to process sugar. Your ON Gold with water has hardly any sugar. Thus, drinking your protein shake will not spike your insulin. Insulin spikes usually only occur when you eat simple carbs from fruit, candy, etc...

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