Am I In Ketosis Quiz

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What’s Your Diet Style? Take The Quiz!

Are you social media savvy or do you love to cook dinner? Make the most of your lifestyle by applying it to your diet. Also popular: Melissa McCarthy weight loss tips. Continue reading >>

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  1. VoodooChum

    My daughter had a Biology II quiz the other day and decided to correct the vocabulary answer for "Carbohydrate"

  2. devhammer

    Nice that the teacher didn't mark her down for the statement...some teachers might feel challenged by that.

  3. DBatting

    Brilliant! She's going to go places.

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Low Carb Success Plan

Starting a low carb diet means dramatic weight loss and body changes. The low carb concept is simple (cut sugar, eat healthy fat), but what are your REAL chances for success? 6 Factors predict your chance of low carb success Take the Starting Atkins quiz and score your plan Learn your diet personality and how to tame it Take the Starting Atkins quiz and see how your plan stacks up. Warning: When you find out your score, prepare for brutal honesty. Starting Atkins Quiz Are you a Low Carb Superstarter? – or a Microwave Mishapper. Six strong factors predict your chance of starting low carb successfully. Master the skill and check it off your list. 1. Get a Road Map Low carbers who start Atkins, do their homework, select a plan, read the book and follow it are “in it to win it.” Low carb diet info is your road map to success. Low carb books tell you what to expect when starting a low carb diet, and how to cope with common issues. Empowering your mind is a crucial hallmark of predicting a good outcome. I’ve checked out the low carb books. 2. Get Honest (Start Where You Live) Have you cleaned out your pantry and kitchen cabinets yet? If the entire house isn’t starting low carb, Continue reading >>

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  1. quiz

    Ketosis in less than 12 hours...

    (i searched for other threads but couldn't find anyone getting into ketosis this fast)
    According to my ketostix...is this okay? Got the same results after 5-6 different ketostix from two different new bottles throughout last night. Started yesterday morning, went to work(office job) came home and used a couple ketostix 12 hours later, positive. I'm sure I don't have diabetes.
    I've been on keto before around 8 months ago for about 2 months, but have been eating carbs and getting fat ever since. During work I ate mostly just almonds and sweat a little just because i had a sweater on. I felt a mild headache, and it feels like I'm in ketosis from my past experience.
    more info: 185 pounds, about 20% bf, ate normal keto foods, didn't workout that day yet, on p90x workout though.
    girlfriend is apparently in ketosis already too(her first time trying). she's 100 pounds and doing p90x too. same foods.

  2. ChicagoChef

    Yeah, it's fine.
    And dude... easy on the ketosticks!

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What Is Ketosis? - Definition & Symptoms

What is ketosis? It's actually a normal part of your body's metabolic processes, but sometimes things get out of balance, and too many ketones begin building up. Learn how this happens, what the symptoms are, and how it's treated. What is Ketosis? Ketosis is actually a normal part of your body's metabolic processes. Your body derives energy from breaking down the food you eat, and a lot of your initial energy comes from carbohydrates. However, when the body no longer has any carbohydrate stores to draw upon, it will begin burning fat for energy. This results in a buildup of ketones. So if, for example, you are on an extremely low-carb diet, your body will switch to make energy through the process of ketosis. Ketosis can also be triggered on purpose to help burn fat levels. However, high levels of ketones in the blood can sometimes hurt your body, because it leads to dehydration and alters the chemical composition of your blood. Symptoms of Ketosis You can test your body's ketosis levels by buying strips that test your urine for four types of ketones that can be present. High ketone levels can be dangerous because they actually alter your blood, making it more acidic (known as ketoa Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. killab2oo5

    :] Hello all!
    I've been on ketosis for about 3 days (this being the 4th), and can't quite tell if I'm in Ketosis or not, even after a ton of Googling. I guess I'll start by listing my symptoms..
    No appetite
    Trouble sleeping
    Fruity taste in mouth
    Dizziness the first 2 days
    Slight nausea this morning (4th day)
    My confusion is that I'm not thirsty at all, I maybe don't eat enough fats, and I do have a bit of artificial sweetener in my diet.
    On my first two days I have a craving for sweets, so I ate some sugar-free+aspartame free Jello which worked wonders, and I've been having very small amounts of sugar-free (less than 2% aspartame) Cranberry juice, which has 1 carb per 8 ounces. The most carbs I've had in a day since starting is 5, but I read that sweets could keep you out of Ketosis during induction. Do you think this is the case for me?
    Also, I've definitely been eating more fats than carbs, but I'm worried that I don't get enough fats. I'll say that my average fat intake is 1 egg, 1 piece of bacon, and 1 Salmon patty. Is this enough...or do I need to be gulping down all the fat I can get?

  2. 2B_Healthy

    I use ketone strips, usually find I'm not hungry. I have found that water is very important to weight loss, even if your not feeling thirsty.

  3. killab2oo5

    Hmm, I have been eating a bowl of sugar-free Jello (~2 cups of water) a day along with some pickles. I also drink about 1 cup of sugar-free Cranberry juice a day... You think that's kind of enough? I never could drink 8 glasses of water a day. Also, can I be eating too less fat to go into Ketosis...even if it's more than my carbs?
    Ketostix are on the way. Hoping for positive results.

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