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Alcoholic Ketoacidosis.

AKA is an acute metabolic disorder that occurs in ethanol abusers who have usually had a recent binge and who, because of gastritis or another intercurrent illness, stop eating and drinking and often vomit repeatedly. This causes dehydration and ketoacidosis which, unlike in diabetics, is usually associated with little or no hyperglycemia or glucosuria. Despite the ketoacidosis, blood pH findings are variable, depending on the severity of coexisting metabolic alkalosis (owing to vomiting) and respiratory alkalosis (owing to pain or delirium tremens). The metabolic disorders respond rapidly and gratifyingly to parenteral rehydration and administration of glucose, potassium salts, and thiamine. Insulin is usually not necessary, except in patients known or suspected to have diabetes. Because some patients have serious coexisting acute illnesses (which may even have precipitated the acute metabolic disorder), assiduous search for those and the appropriate treatment are essential. The prognosis for the acute metabolic disorder per se is excellent, that for coexisting illness depends on the illness, and that for the ethanol abuse is still often problematic.[1] References Annotations and Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. CyprusRoots

    Hi all, I'm 5 days into my keto journey and just got a little bit impatient and decided to take a ketones reading using the stick method. The reading was in the purple (very excited) and the reading was +15 (1.5) mg/dl(mmol/L). I haven't a clue what that means? Could someone give me an explanation? Thanks.

  2. Azuriaz

    Sounds like the number is milligrams per deciliter? I never pay attention to that, I just go with the shade of purple. The times I've gone several months straight in ketosis, the tendency is for the sticks to go into the light/moderate range as long as I stay well-hydrated. From what I understand that is normal. I have yet to see the sticks show not in ketosis at all unless I've eaten something that I knew would put me out. Really they're a very rough guide, I'm just too broke to go around spending five bucks on blood test strips!

  3. KnitOrMiss

    You should be able to download a chart online by brand. My general understanding is that the darker the color, the more ketones being dumped as waste. That means you are making a ton, but not yet efficient at using all of what you make (adapted). It's a good first step stage. That being said, as you adapt, you will "waste" less, and those results will become unreliable at best.

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