Alcoholic Ketoacidosis Symptoms

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Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

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  1. FlyingPig

    I've been experimenting with a ketogenic diet recently. I've kept my diet pretty low carb for the last 5 days (after eating quite a lot of fruit 17th and 18th August), although I am not sure I ever went into ketosis.
    Anyway, this is just some context as I think it may be related. I woke up with some discomfort in my left kidney area this morning. The Internet being the Internet, I only get more confused when reading up. Too much calcium, too little calcium, kidney stones?
    A few ideas: I had (frozen) spinach 2 days in a row (pretty much my only carbs) and also had cheese (Brie and Danish Blue). Also about 20 hazelnuts. I haven't had cheese in a while. Could the calcium in the spinach and cheese have anything to do with this?
    I've also been supplementing with vitamin D (5000UI) for the last month or so as we don't get much sun over here at all. Vitamin D consumption also seems to be linked to kidney stones.
    Would appreciated some feedback from people who have any advice.

  2. Penady

    A few months ago I had the same kind of symptoms. I had been having a BAS every day for lunch with baby spinach as my greens. I had to cut back on the spinach because I think it was the extra calcium and my kidney's were overworked. I didn't have a kidney stone or an infection. I just changed up my salad greens and I was all better. Not sure if this is exactly what is happening to you, but it could be similar.

  3. Neckhammer

    Dont completely rule out musculoskeletal issues. Any previous injuries to the area? Previous back, spine, or kidney issues? Does it hurt more in certain positions? More upon certain movements? Have you had noticeable change in urinary output? Are you dehydrated? What makes the pain better?
    Just a few of the pertinent questions to a good history here.

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