Alcoholic Ketoacidosis Prognosis

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Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

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  1. theewhoshops

    So I have been on induction for a few weeks now, working on moving into phase 2.
    I am stalled but here is the problem and not sure if they are related. I have had excruciating back pain in my lower back area, I do have a couple of old disk injuries and they do flare up once in a great great while (last time was 4 yrs ago). Anyway, I am in the moderate level of ketosis which I have never stayed in for so long. I have increased my water a lot(I would guess 60+oz a day) but it still remains in the moderate level. Generally if I am drinking that much water it goes back into the small or trace level. (No I am not good at logging my water intake). I was drinking a lot of black tea but switched to herbal and now to water along with tea. Also no weight loss at all this week. So I am wondering if I still need to increase the water more? Could this be the cause of my back pain? I know that I am not eating enough veges and some of the foods I have eaten have other carbs not allowed, but then I would have thought those would have taken me out of ketosis.
    Any ideas?

  2. liv001

    Don't know about your back pain. It should not be something that happen because of your diet choices or water. But I don't know anything about disk injuries Maybe you want to check it out with your physician.
    I think you should focus less on this "ketosis". If you measure with stix they may just be very inaccurate. Follow the diet and eat enough fat and veggies as suggested by Dr. Atkins. That is what will get you the result you need.

  3. Evie1010

    hey there. Sorry you are feeling stuck right now. Please be assured that ketosis is completely safe and will not cause you any back pain.
    Let me see if I can help you with some of your questions:
    water -- It's hard to say at this point, but perhaps you will not have to increase the water intake if you are already drinking a lot. The rule for the water is this: For ideal results, take your total weight, divide that number by 2 -- and this determines the number of ounces you need to be drinking daily.
    stix -- the experts say don't put a lot of stock into ketostix and don't worry if your stix are indicating a "moderate level". Due to the fact that this diet is a diuretic and the excess water you drink is flushing out the ketones, it is likely that your reading will appear less intense than it actually is.
    diet - from observing your diet calendar I could see a few things that caught my eye. Perhaps red flags? Things that could be causing the stall? Carrots have a high glycemic index (spike in blood sugar) and for this reason they are not allowable in Induction. For each day I checked out, you ate carrots. Next, perhaps you are getting hidden carbs in the ketchup. The entry did not indicate if you are using reduced sugar ketchup. Regular ketchup has tons of sugar in it. Also, while the atkins bars/snacks are awesome, they do tend to cause stalls in many people's weight loss. This is due to the sugar alcohols used as artificial sweetners. I recommend that you stop eating the entirely - give it 2 weeks and then reevaluate if you can have them, or not. Later on, you can implement an idea that I use. I cut one atkins bar into bite-size pieces and refrigerate. I will just eat one bite a day - as opposed to eating the entire serving. This helps to limit the sugar alcohol intake and prevents me from stalling.
    I noticed you don't seem to be getting in the required amount of fat and vegetables. To do this right, it is important to have a minimum of 12-15 net carbs in approved foundational veggies daily. Try snacking on things like olives, deviled eggs, pepperoni slices to increase your fat and healthy carb intake. Best wishes on your continued success. I surely hope you get some relief from that back pain.
    "Work as if it all depends on you. Pray as if it all depends on God" ~ Mark Twain
    "You can make excuses or you can make progress; but you can't make both." ~ author unknown
    "Personal growth occurs when the pain of staying the same outweighs the pain of change." ~ Evelyn

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