Alcoholic Ketoacidosis Pathophysiology

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Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

Background In 1940, Dillon and colleagues first described alcoholic ketoacidosis (AKA) as a distinct syndrome. AKA is characterized by metabolic acidosis with an elevated anion gap, elevated serum ketone levels, and a normal or low glucose concentration. [1, 2] Although AKA most commonly occurs in adults with alcoholism, it has been reported in less-experienced drinkers of all ages. Patients typically have a recent history of binge drinking, little or no food intake, and persistent vomiting. [3, 4, 5] A concomitant metabolic alkalosis is common, secondary to vomiting and volume depletion (see Workup). [6] Treatment of AKA is directed toward reversing the 3 major pathophysiologic causes of the syndrome, which are: This goal can usually be achieved through the administration of dextrose and saline solutions (see Treatment). Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Eirun

    Got here from r/xxketo. Great, didnt know this sub existed! :)
    We are trying to concieve and are getting help with that now. While we now are on the endstretch (IVF and they plan on taking eggs from me soon.) Im starting to worry a bit ofc. I only want the best for my coming child. (If Im so happy to get pregnant.) Are there any cons to eat keto while being pregnant? (Im eating lowcarb since june, and have lost about 10kgs so far.) Anything that would be dangerous for the fetus?
    I read somewhere that they thought it could give braindamages, but the article was old (2005) and they also said there are not enough info about it. I cant seem to find anything newer..

  2. Pellantana

    There was one study from the mid-90's that suggested that elevated ketone levels in the mother's blood correlated, not caused, to a higher incidence of autism in babies. However, the evidence was not particularly damning. There are plenty of ladies here who have undergone a keto or low-carb pregnancy. Obviously, talk to your doctor about whether he/she thinks it's okay, but anecdotally, it is safe.

  3. Eirun

    Thank you! Even though I have alot of trust in my doctor, she has no clue about lowcarb diet sadly..
    My concern is also that when you loose weight while being pregnant, you do have alot of toxic in your body. I loose alot when I eat lowcarb/being in keto, what if that continues when Im pregnant? How dangerous is that?
    I will take these things up on thursday when I have a time there to do ultrasound and see how my eggs are developing.

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