Alcoholic Ketoacidosis Death

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Alcoholic Ketoacidosis As A Cause Of Death, Who Came First?

I read with interest the article ‘The Postmortem Diagnosis of Alcoholic Ketoacidosis’ by Palmiere and Augsburger (2014). However for the sake of truth I must protest against the statement on page 272: ‘The first report in the forensic field suggesting that ketoacidosis could be partially responsible for unexplained deaths in alcoholics dates back to 1993 and concerns a study performed by L.N. Denmark on 49 autopsy cases that included chronic alcohol-abuse related deaths’. Together with my co-authors I submitted an article that was acknowledged by Forensic Science International on 19 January 1993 and published in vol. 60 (Thomsen et al., 1993). In that article we described our results as ‘strongly indicative of ketoacidosis as the sole or contributing cause of death…’. We were convinced that we solved the riddle of ‘Fatty liver deaths’. L.N. Denmarks excellent work on beta-hydroxybutyrate was received at Forensic Science International, 4 April 1993 and published in vol. 62. It had been known for many years that alcoholics, who stop drinking after a binge, may be found dead shortly after. The only abnormality to be found is a fatty liver. There are no drugs to be de Continue reading >>

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  1. Porthardygurl

    I still have to wait a few more days to find out if im pregnant as i tested to early..(jumped the gun) ... But if i am pregnant, i want to be on a lower carb diet because i will more then likely have gestational diabites again..my question is: Does anyone know if being in a state of ketosis while pregnant is harmful to the baby??? or can you stay in ketosis with no problems?

  2. drixnot

    I wouldn't even try to answer that... and if I were you I would not trust an answer you get from someone on the internet. You need to talk to a doctor.
    Either way take a multivitamin every day and no drinking alcohol, good luck with the maybe baby

  3. lisa32989

    You absolutely should NOT be in ketosis while pregnant. I first learned about ketosis on Atkins, after reading Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution. He gives healthy carb levels for a pregnant woman
    This is why it is so important to have a coach and not just follow a plan on the Internet without the background knowledge. Medical supervision is a MUST!
    Congrats to you! You CAN have a low carb pregnancy (no white carbs or added sugar) but not one in Ketosis. Many babies are born to moms on the paleo or primal plans

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