Acidosis In Calves

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Rumen Drinking - Hubbard Feeds

Do you ever have calves that develop rough hair coats, appear depressed or ill-thrifty, and have poor growth? They may be suffering from rumen acidosis caused by rumen drinking. Rumen drinking is caused by failure of the reticular groove reflex, and it results in rumen acidosis in calves on a liquid diet. The reticular groove, also called esophageal groove, is a muscular structure inside the stomach that acts like a tube. Its job is to shunt the milk into the abomasum, preventing the milk from entering the rumen. See picture. When the reticular groove partially or completely fails to close, milk spills into the rumen and is fermented to lactic acid. This acid formation is not desired and decreases the pH in the rumen causing inflammation in the lining of the stomach. If this inflammatory process happens on a regular basis, the lining of the gut becomes irritated and thickens. The thickening of the wall of the gut decreases the ability of the stomach to contract and absorb nutrients, thus causing mal-nutrition and bloat. The lactic acid that is produced when milk is digested in the rumen, can be absorbed into the calves system causing depression and general weakness. What triggers Continue reading >>

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  1. boobear

    Hi everyone, I've done keto/low carb on/off last few years. Got really keto serious three weeks ago. On the whole last week my husband pretty much wanted to puke every time I spoke near him as he said my breath was soooo bad. I drink tons of water, chew gum etc. It was making me so self conscious that I went off the next day. It's been two days off and Breath is better but I really hate the way I feel eating carbs. Is there any tips for the keto breath, will it pass, and if so after how long??? It is literally the only thing that stops me from going back! Thanks in advance!

  2. Jessica

    They say that burning fat can cause bad breath due to chemicals released in the process. It's metabolic and not hygiene related. It doesn't usually last forever! Don't let it discourage you! Keep drinking lots of water

  3. boobear

    I'm trying really hard not too! I'm going to get back on tomorrow and keep ketoing but I hate being paranoid about my breath :(.

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Prevent Respiratory Acidosis In Calves

Plan ahead to ventilate a newborn calf's lungs and keep it healthy during birth. As soon as a newborn calf is delivered, focus on establishing respiration. Cattle producers expecting a calf crop should take time now to review procedures to combat respiratory acidosis in newborn calves . Calves with respiratory acidosis are unable to rid their lungs of excess carbon dioxide its body produces and are less able to obtain nutrients from colostrum . Every baby calf born is in a situation where there is a build-up of carbon dioxide and its byproduct, lactic acid, during the delivery process, says Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension cattle reproduction specialist. Delayed passage through the birth canal in the face of uterine contractions that pinch off the umbilical cord compromises oxygenation of the calf. Although the calf is able to breathe as soon as its nose passes the lips of the vulva, expansion of the calfs chest is restricted in the narrow birth canal. Continuous forced traction can seriously aggravate the situation, Selk says. As soon as the calfs head has passed the lips of the vulva, traction should be interrupted, the nostrils cleared of mucus and co Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. PIp

    I have stuck rigidly to the diet f0r 4 days and my total weight loss so far is zero. THis is really depressing. Its hard to keep going with all the lethargy and headaches when the scale is stuck. Does anyone have any cheering up facts for me before I give up?

  2. Phil

    The scales wander around +/- 2 lbs on their own, so it's a bit early to jump to conclusions. You need to give it 2 weeks at least, you should see a difference in the first week but it depends on you, your history and what you're eating / drinking.
    Moderate protein, plenty of fat, lots of above ground low carb vegetables - that sound about right ?

  3. CHRIS

    Can wonder a bit more than that-just by daily variations in water weight. Phil-2 litres-thats around 1.8kg? You can vary by this ammt every day.

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Acidosis In Young Dairy Calves And Its Treatment

ACIDOSIS IN YOUNG DAIRY CALVES AND ITS TREATMENT I am a Dairy Consultant in Zimbabwe and recently my one client has, I believe SARA, in his young dairy calves. Briefly, the rearing program is as follows: 1) Colostrum is fed immediately after birth, plus dipping the navel with tincture of iodine. Colostrum tests indicate colostrum is of high quality, 2) A balance calf starter is fed from day 1 along with fresh milk, 3) After day 5 approximately the calves are moved to a rearing area where they are fed milk and ad lib calf starter plus water, 4) Weaning takes place at 65 days of age. Recently it has been observed that calves are eating soil from ant heaps in the paddocks and loose manure is fairly common??? A worm challenge is currently being verified, however, I feel the problem is SARA. The calf starter formulation is based on soya bean meal, corn by-products such as germ meal and corn bran and cotton hulls as the main effective fibre source..plus minerals and vitamins. 5) The soil eating and loose manure continues after weaning for about a month or so. If in your opinion SARA is the cause, monensin is available and can you please recommend an inclusion rate in the starter meal... Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Andy12345

    Hi forgive me if this is dumb, I am following a 30-40g carbs a day diet, I thought ketosis was a good thing but reading this article it doesn't sound all that good, have I got the wrong end of the stick? Thanks
    Below is what I read not me saying it
    Our body produces energy from the glucose we get from the consumed carbohydrates. But when glucose is not available, the liver produces ketone bodies to provide the body with the required energy. Although ketones are always present in the body, their levels can rise during a period of prolonged fasting. This condition is called ketosis.
    The most common cause of ketosis is following a low-carb diet. When one switches over from a high-glycemic diet to a low-glycemic diet, their body enters into a stage of ketosis. The body does not immediately start producing ketones, but if carbohydrates are not included in the diet for a long time, say two days or more, the body starts utilizing the energy from its fat stores. The glucose is thus preserved only for dire conditions like preventing protein and muscle breakdown.
    The initial stage of ketosis is considered relatively harmless. In fact, ketosis has also been deliberately induced through a ketogenic diet to treat epilepsy. However, prolonged ketosis is harmful for the body and is highly discouraged.
    The most common symptoms of ketosis include:
    Note: Ketosis and its symptoms are often confused with diabetic ketoacidosis. However, diabetic ketoacidosis is a life-threatening condition, where a severe deficiency of insulin, leads to a toxic buildup of blood glucose, accompanied by excessive breakdown of fat and muscle tissues. However, such alarming levels of ketone bodies are not usually seen in healthy individuals.
    Excessive thirst
    Nausea accompanied by abdominal pain
    Problems with sleeping
    Bad breath
    Cold hands and feet
    Metallic, sweet, or fruity taste in the mouth
    Strong smelling urine
    Loss of appetite
    Temporary sense of euphoria
    A confirmatory urine test can be done to see whether the body is in a state of ketosis. One can purchase ketosis strips that are easily available in the market. The strip changes color if ketone bodies are present in the urine.
    Side Effects
    A prolonged state of ketosis can cause major health problems like:
    Calcium deficiency
    Kidney stones
    Liver damage
    Controversy Surrounding Ketosis and its Symptoms
    Most people claim that going into ketosis and exhibiting its symptoms is no reason for alarm, and simply denotes a different and specific phase of metabolism that the body is going through. This is the main reason that people still strongly advocate going in for low-carb diets, and even go to the extent of claiming that certain organs function better during the state of ketosis. However, research says that ketone bodies are acidic compounds, and their accumulation in the blood could lead to toxicity. It is an aggravation of symptoms that lead to the potentially life-threatening condition called ketoacidosis.
    Doing Away With Ketosis
    The easiest way of reversing ketosis is by including carbohydrates in the diet. One has to make sure that they do not start consuming carbohydrates suddenly, but increase the intake gradually, after consulting a health professional. Eating smaller and frequent meals help mitigate the symptoms to a large extent. Another important thing is to keep the body hydrated to help dilute the urine and, in turn, flush out the ketone bodies.
    To avoid conditions like ketosis and other medical complications, it is always advisable that you consult a health professional before making any extreme changes in your diet. He/she would best know what is suitable for you and guide you accordingly.

  2. Claire87

    It could just be me, but that sounds like an advert from a bread company. But then I've seen a lot of conflicting information on the internet about lots of things. There was massive slush campaign on soya when it first came out because the meat production industry feared soya products taking over and putting them out of business.
    From my personal experience: I went through Ketosis. The only feeling I had was tiredness while it was happening for a couple of days, then I felt amazing. I managed to avoid getting insulin tablets because my blood sugar and weight loss in two weeks was such a big change, and the only thing I can credit that to is a low carb diet and going through ketosis. Ketosis saved me from a life of medication and made me feel great. I'm an advocate of it.
    But I'm not an expert on the low carb diet, so I asked my nutritionist friend. She'll know the answer. She always does. I'll post it up when she gets back to me.

  3. Andy12345

    Thankyou, I have been trying to get lower and this week I managed 30g by cutting out bread altogether ,I used to have a sandwich for lunch but now salads with ham egg etc. I have no idea if I have been through or am going through ketosis, I've been on or under 100g for the last couple of months, a month at about 150g before that, I have my 3 month since diag anniversary on Thursday and I've lost 2 stone 10lb and am getting fit, going to the gym all the time, is there a sign that I'm in ketosis and is it a permanent state or do you pass through it, if so how do you know?

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