Why Do You Draw Up Short Acting Insulin Before Long Acting?

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Proper Use

Drug information provided by: Micromedex Make sure you have the type (beef and pork, pork, or human) and the strength of insulin that your doctor ordered for you. You may find that keeping an insulin label with you is helpful when buying insulin supplies. The concentration (strength) of insulin is measured in USP Insulin Units and USP Insulin Human Units and is usually expressed in terms such as U-100 insulin. Insulin doses are measured and injected with specially marked insulin syringes. The appropriate syringe is chosen based on your insulin dose to make measuring the dose easy to read. This helps you measure your dose accurately. These syringes come in three sizes: 3/10 cubic centimeters (cc) measuring up to 30 USP Units of insulin, ½ cc measuring up to 50 USP Units of insulin, and 1 cc measuring up to 100 USP Units of insulin. It is important to follow any instructions from your doctor about the careful selection and rotation of injection sites on your body. There are several important steps that will help you successfully prepare your insulin injection. To draw the insulin up into the syringe correctly, you need to follow these steps: Wash your hands with soap and water. If y Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. TheCommuter

    We draw up the clear insulin first due to the following rationale:
    1. Clear insulin will not significantly impact the action of cloudy insulin if we draw it up before drawing the cloudy insulin.
    2. On the other hand, even minute amounts of cloudy insulin will slow down the action of clear insulin if we draw the cloudy insulin first.
    3. The overarching point of drawing up 'clear before cloudy' is to prevent altering of the action of both insulins so they act as intended in our patients' bodies.

  2. Cell-Nurse

    Sorry, can you clarify this?
    They are going to mix in the syringe. How does drawing one up before the other impact the other at all when they are simply going to mix anyways?

  3. RNcali22

    I would think it's so that if you get any in the vial that will be used again you have less concerns when going clear to cloudy

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