Why Do Insulin Pens Need To Be Refrigerated

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10 Tips For Storing & Carrying Insulin

Do not let your dependence on insulin for your fight against diabetes, restrict your lifestyle. Here are 10 tips that will help you store and carry your insulin... - Anirudh Batra, Vishnu Sasidharan Insulin therapy is often an important part of diabetes treatment. The primary role of insulin is to keep the level of glucose in the bloodstream within a normal range. After you eat, carbohydrates break down into glucose, a sugar that serves as a primary source of energy, and enters the bloodstream. Normally, the pancreas responds by producing insulin, which allows glucose to enter the tissues. Insulin helps in storage of excess glucose for energy. On eating — when insulin levels are high — excess glucose is stored in the liver in the form of glycogen. Between meals — when insulin levels are low — the liver releases glycogen into the bloodstream in the form of glucose. This keeps blood sugar levels within a narrow range. If your pancreas secrete little or no insulin (type 1 diabetes), or your body does not produce enough insulin or has become resistant to insulin’s action (type 2 diabetes), the level of glucose in your bloodstream increases because it is unable to enter cells. Continue reading >>

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  1. Type1Lou

    I use NovoLog. Unopened vials or pens should be refrigerated but I was advised that I could keep the NovoLog Flexpen I was using at room temp and then to discard it after 28 days. Now, I'm using NovoLog vials to refill my new insulin pump every 3 days. I keep the opened vial in the fridge and take it out so it warms to room temp before refilling my pump reservoir. My pump trainer said that insulin at room temp is less likely to have bubbles in it and you don't want bubbles in your pump tubing. Doryian and I both deal with the Florida heat as I also believe you do, so Doryian's advice to make sure your insulin doesn't get overheated is "right on". Sounds to me like you're doing the right thing! (You also don't want insulin to freeze, but we Floridians seldom have that problem.)

  2. nzingha

    oh i am no where near or in florida or the usa.. but it does get hot where i am.. i keep the unopened insulin in the fridge… its the one in the pen i was enquiring about.. and it doesnt last for 28 days so yes i have been doing the right thing.. new to this insulin thing.. hate it but my body just doesnt seem to be coping without it so.. such is life…thnks for the info…

  3. shoulders

    No and Yes, No you don't need to keep the pen that you are useing in the fridge. Cause you are going to us that pen up with in 30 days or less according to your units that you use a day. And some of us just leave the pen on our tables, or near our other medicines, and our apartments are cool from the air conditioning. Yes any un-opened insulin pens that you are not useing should be kept refrigerated till you need them. Take Care

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