Why Do Insulin Injections Hurt Sometimes

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Painful Fat Necrosis Resulting From Insulin Injections

Go to: The case is a 34-year-old woman with long-standing type 1 diabetes mellitus with existing follow-up in the outpatient clinic at the Warwickshire Institute for the Study of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, UHCW. She had maintained good glycaemic control and glycaemic stability with basal bolus regimen for many years. She had not developed any diabetes-related complications and had no other co-morbidities. Six months ago, she presented to A&E with sudden-onset, well-localised and severe pain in the right iliac fossa, just lateral to the para-umbilical area. Her biochemistry was normal. Ultrasound scan, however, revealed a right-sided ovarian cyst, which was thought to have caused pain to her. She was discharged from A&E with simple analgesia. On subsequent gynaecological follow-up 4 weeks later, her pain remained severe and examination revealed an exquisitely tender subcutaneous nodule at the same location measuring 2 cm in diameter. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan at the time revealed a 1 cm mass in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, which co-localised to her pain. The mass demonstrated a central fat signal surrounded by a peripheral ring: observations consistent w Continue reading >>

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  1. anadumitriu

    Insulin injections

    I am injecting insulin with disposable pens and 6mm needles. I find that my legs hurts after injection. I am getting a bump on the skin, a drop of blood after taking needle out and the site it is hot . What to do?

  2. anadumitriu

    Not all my leg. Just the site where i injected. Lol

  3. jess35137

    Sounds like it may be getting infected from over use of the injection sight. Do you inject in different areas of your leg and not in the same place? Try changing injection sights, I have type 1 and I used to inject into my tummy but didn't like the bruises on my tummy in a bikini! So I now inject into the top of my butt, and don't get any problems!

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