Why Are Insulin Shots Given In The Stomach

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Why A Change In Location Is Good… For Your Insulin Injections

We all know the health reasons behind changing your lancet and keeping sterile needles for insulin. But why should it matter where on your body you inject? In actuality, where you inject your insulin and how often you inject it there can have some considerable impacts on the rate of insulin absorption and changes in skin texture around the injection site. The best way to avoid complications from over-injecting in the same place is to constantly change where you inject and use a system of injection site rotation. One major motivator for alternating your insulin injection spots is to avoid lipohypertrophy – the accumulation of fat cells under the skin. When the tissue thickens, lumps of fat can form around the injection site and can slow the absorption of insulin into your blood stream by as much as 25%[1]. Another side effect is liposatrophy, where the fat beneath the skin’s surface becomes depleted and can give a dimpled appearance. While these conditions (collectively known as lypodystrophy) are not life threatening, they can result in less stable blood glucose levels since an increase of insulin resistance can occur at the injection site and may require higher doses of insuli Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. ONeil

    Does it matter if you inject the insulin in the belly or the thigh

    I would like to know if you would get the seme reacation if you inject your insulin in the belly or thigh. eventhough you were told to do it in the belly. So you can save on sore spots.

  2. Sarguillo

    Ok, I hate to mention this but since I lost about 100 lbs in the last 3 years, I tend to have a little flap of skin around the bottom of my belly. So i tend to use that area to inject lateley. I find that the sides seem to be better and less pain receptors.

  3. ONeil

    Okay, but my Doc told me to de it in the belly but it is getting tender in some spots. that is why I am asking if you can do the injection in a differtent spot. thank you for you infore
    Anna have a good day

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