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A Review Of Insulin For The Treatment Of Diabetes Mellitus.

Abstract Insulin is commonly used in the treatment of diabetes in the home care setting. Understanding the wide variety of insulin preparations available will assist the clinician in guiding people with diabetes and their caregivers through the complexities of self-care and promote safe and optimal glucose control. The purpose of this article is to review the various available insulin preparations and discuss their use in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Continue reading >>

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  1. Tony Sangster

    TID 51 years: Please note the following is not to be taken as medical advice or opinion.
    In the ‘good old days’ travelling by car in the Australian summer where temperatures in a parked car might reach 50 degrees C plus , (122 F plus) my insulin was in the esky (cooling box) with some cooling blocks.
    I am pleased by all the cooling devices available these days as other writers have noted. Thank you for this.
    I must admit i still just put an small cooling brick in with my insulin kit then placed in my pack pack for walking to and fro the shops or short car trips in summer.
    I also agree with Phyllis Stewart’s answer about insulin’s stability at room temperatures.
    What is not mentioned is what about the insulin in an insulin pump ?
    At room temperatures , no problem, but wearing an insulin pump on a belt in summer could be tricky. ( maximum temperatures in Adelaide in summer is about 40 degree C ( 104 F) but even in the shade it is mighty hot). Sure the insulin in syringe is inside the pump but there is only plastic and metal surrounding it.
    Two possible strategies:

    I place my pump wrapped in thin insulation material in my pocket, with pump tubing threaded through a button hole type opening in inner side of my pocket, up under my trouser belt or elasticised waist band to my abdominal needle insertion site and wear an outer shirt with sewn in insulation over the pocket OR
    Pump on belt clip, wrap handkerchief or other linen/cotton then white insulation material around outer side of pump held on by a rubberised band ( like an exercise stretch band) wrapped around waist and tied /secured on other side. Wear over-shirt as described above. Provided the pump is rated waterproof. water the top of wrap near cotton/linen liberally.

    How do you turn off these numbers ?? Argh . ……I have no knowledge of how women protect their pumps in hot weather.

  2. Amin Zayani

    Depending on how long you travel, you need one of two coolbags:

  3. Saikiran Naik

    Yes, 3 years ago once I had to use an insulin cooling travel wallet for my Grand-Mother. As she has been living with T2 diabetes for the past 10 years. By now she is traveling still with diabetes insulin travel wallet with her. For her diabetes concern, I have found out lots of sites where many types of diabetes kit was offering, where different sizes and shapes of Cool-Ins insulin cooling wallet[1] accommodate all types and makes of insulin pumps, insulin pens, cartridges, and of course vials. But I had having difficulty keeping insulin cool without refrigeration as there are many more likely trips where you might think you need to have a refrigerator for your insulin.

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