Which Insulin Can Be Used As A Basal Insulin?

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Basal Insulin Therapy In Type 2 Diabetes

Abstract Patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus are usually treated initially with oral antidiabetic agents, but as the disease progresses, most patients eventually require insulin to maintain glucose control. Optimal insulin therapy should mimic the normal physiologic secretion of insulin and minimize the risk of hypoglycemia. This article discusses the role of insulin therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes, emphasizing long-acting insulin agents designed to approximate physiologic basal insulin secretion and provide control over fasting plasma glucose. Clinical trials of recently developed long-acting insulins are reviewed herein, with emphasis on studies that combined basal insulin with oral agents or with short-acting insulins in a basal-bolus approach. The normal physiologic pattern of insulin secretion by pancreatic β cells consists of a sustained basal insulin level throughout the day, superimposed after meals by relatively large bursts of insulin that slowly decay over 2 to 3 hours (bolus insulin). Basal support with long-acting insulin is a key component of basal-bolus therapy for patients with diabetes who require insulin with or without the addition of oral agents. Ne Continue reading >>

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  1. Jenn5353

    Hi y'all...
    I'm currently on Met 1000mg 2x/day. However, a recent bout of Scleritis in my eye has me on the evil Prednisone for the next month...which is causing my BG to be totally out of control. We initally thought about adding Glimepiride to the Met...but apparenly it is sulfur based, and I have a SERIOUS allergy to sulfa-drugs. So, 10 units of Lantus a night until I'm off the Prednisone is what the doc decided on.
    So, having NEVER injected insulin before, I'm not quite sure what to do. The doc and pharmacist recommended eating a little something within 10-15 mins after the Lantus. Pharmacist suggested crackers...but those don't exist in my house anymore. Any suggestions as to what to eat and how much, etc? I'm totally freaked out about going too low overnight. Low hasn't been a problem at all on the Met.
    Any advice is appreciated!

  2. Subby

    Did the doc or pharmacist say why they suggested something to eat? It wasn't for blood sugars, surely. Lantus won't start working much for some hours, and the point is to have a dose you don't eat for (though, in particular circumstances, a strategic snack might be useful).
    I wonder if there has been miscommunication down the line here somewhere, because eat within 10 or 15 minutes sounds suspiciously like the kind of advice given for a bolus insulin such as Humalog and Novolog. Anyway, let us know if they said why to eat after Lantus.

  3. Jenn5353

    Hmmm. They didn't say why to eat after Lantus...and I stupidly didn't ask why. With my current BG hovering between 230-250 because of the devil Prednisone, I can't imagine that 10 units would make me go low. Perhaps I'll go do a little more research...
    Thanks so much for the feedback. : )

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