Where Insulin Is Injected

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Injecting Insulin

Why injections? Insulin is a lifesaving medicine for people with diabetes. But there is no such thing as an insulin pill—it can only be taken as a shot. However, today's syringes and insulin pens are much easier to use and much less painful than those in the past. Many people say that they feel almost no pain at all when they take an insulin shot. How is insulin taken? There are two ways to give yourself insulin: from vials or with pens. If you are using a vial, you will also need syringes. If you are using a pen, you will also need pen needles. Both the syringes and the pen needles can be thrown away after you use them. It is common to take more than one type of insulin. Mealtime insulin is taken before meals to help manage food-related rises in blood glucose (sugar). Long-acting insulin helps to manage blood glucose throughout the day and needs to be taken at the same time every day. Your health care provider will tell you when to take your insulin and how much to take. How to inject Your diabetes educator or other health care provider will have taught you how to take your shots. Here's a review: Choose your site. Insulin can be injected into the upper arms or upper thighs, the Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Jen Gronroos

    Insulin dose is measured in international units rather than volumes. 10ml of insulin contains 1000 units of insulin. A typical insulin dose is around 40units a day. Patients have died when 40 units have been given as a slowly absorbing subcutaneous injection rather than the intended 4 units s.c. 1000 units given as a quick iv bolus will lead to severe hypoglycemia and, likely, death.

  2. Liang-Hai Sie

    1 ml contains 100 IU of insulin, so 10 ml is 1,000 IU of insulin.
    Insulin in one’s blood will only be effective for 2 to 3 minutes, but even so giving a bolus of 1,000 IU most likely will kill the person given the injection because it will cause the blood sugar to go down a lot for a lot time, although giving it by i.m. or even s.c. route would kill one later but even more effectively because then it has more time to do its fatal work. In such extreme overdoses we very often aren’t able to keep the blood glucose levels high enough by infusing glucose infusions to keep them from dying.

  3. Sameer Apte

    Well in order to answer we need to know how many units of insulin that is, and what type of insulin (long med or short acting). Insulin units are measured in international units not ml. 1ml could contain any number of different amounts maybe 1000 or 10000 units. That's a big difference.

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