Where Do You Inject Lantus?

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Injecting Lantus - Bleeding...

Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community I don't know what I'm doing wrong but virtually every time I've injected my Lantus over the last week there has been bleeding and then bruising at the injection site. I was told to use my upper leg. I just can't work out where in my upper leg to inject it without this happening. I've tried the front, the side. Doesn't make a difference. I'm pretty lean and don't have much fat to pinch up but, even so, it's odd that it only happens occasionally (although it's getting more frequent). If the injection site bleeds does that mean I probably didn't get a full dose? I'm lucky that I had a decent motorbike crash about 15 years ago and lost a lot of feeling in my right thigh, so that's where the lantus goes lol I tend to use the upper part of my backside for lantus injections and never get bleeding. Can be a bit awkward to see exactly where I am injecting but is easy with a bit of practise. My lantus bleeds regularly too and stings like mad. Sometimes I get a numb leg and pain 20 mins after injecting. I also have to inject slowly as it hurts. I don't bruise though. I alwa Continue reading >>

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  1. Hops

    Lantus Pen Injection Sites

    Sanofil Aventis instructs Lantus Solostar Pen users to rotate injection sites using the thighs, abdomen, and deltoids. Does anyone inject in their deltoid muscle?

  2. Armourer

    I use the Lantus pen and inject 100 units a day 50 morning and 50 evening, plus humalog pen at base of 20 + sliding scale and carb counting, around 120 units a day. No one told me to switch sites so for two years I did the left side of my stomach. I noticed that that side was enlarging and the skin turning white. Since rotating the site the coloration is gone, and the other side has caught up with the left. I don't like it, but injecting in the thigh and deltoids bothers me cause I don't want them to get bigger.

  3. Hops

    My Lantus dosage is 12 units daily, 6 mid morning and six at bed time.

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Lantus 100 Units/ml Solution For Injection In A Cartridge

Lantus 100 units/ml solution for injection in a cartridge This information is intended for use by health professionals Lantus 100 units/ml solution for injection in a vial Lantus 100 units/ml solution for injection in a cartridge Lantus SoloStar 100 units/ml solution for injection in a pre-filled pen 2. Qualitative and quantitative composition Each ml contains 100 units insulin glargine* (equivalent to 3.64 mg). Each vial contains 5 ml of solution for injection, equivalent to 500 units, or 10 ml of solution for injection, equivalent to 1000 units. Each cartridge or pen contains 3 ml of solution for injection, equivalent to 300 units. *Insulin glargine is produced by recombinant DNA technology in Escherichia coli. For the full list of excipients, see section 6.1. Treatment of diabetes mellitus in adults, adolescents and children aged 2 years and above. 4.2 Posology and method of administration Lantus contains insulin glargine, an insulin analogue, and has a prolonged duration of action. Lantus should be administered once daily at any time but at the same time each day. The dose regimen (dose and timing) should be individually adjusted. In patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, Lan Continue reading >>

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  1. JohnTheMan Guest

    Lantus injection sites

    I saw some threads here were people have had hypos after taking their Lantus. That made me think about my injection sites, as I want to stay ahead of possible damages in the tissue. I use to inject Lantus 11 units every morning in my butt. I swap sides every day. According to Lantus themselves, the butt is not even a suitable site: http://www.lantus.com/starting/how-to-use/choosing-site.
    I cannot imagine having enough fat in the thigh or back of elbow->shoulder area. Is it even possible to inject something there without shooting into the muscle?
    Anyway, I need to start thinking about rotating my Lantus shots a bit more. I didn't have any huge problems with malabsorption, so for me it seems to work to shoot it in the butt. But all of the other places the manufacturer describes is just skinny and if I try my muscle in those areas, there seem to be almost nothing between the skin and the muscle. I use to inject my rapid in the abdomen, and as some say, it seems like it is absorbing faster there, and my Lantus seem to absorb quick enough already. So I might wanna stay clear of the abdomen for Lantus.
    So... where should I rotate my Lantus then?

  2. JohnTheMan Guest

    Well, ok it might have been a stupid thread to create, as I see the similar threads to the right that the topic has been covered good. I didn't get all these results up when I searched the forum though, maybe they were masked by other results.
    Anyway, this was interesting http://www.diabetesdaily.com/forum/t...jection-sites/. I might try to find some spots in the upper thigh area, but after getting aware of the Lantus function when shooted too long in, I am a bit nervous about testing. I never have 100 carbs on me to correct if it goes wrong.

  3. furball64801

    I tried the leg like my mom, wow no go for me. She was 100 lbs so no fat, I can only do the stomach.

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How To Use Your Lantusâ® Solostarâ® Pen A Step By Step Guide To Using Your Lantusâ® Solostarâ® Pen

For single patient use only This quick reference guide is a short version of the instruction leaflet. It is designed to help make it easier to learn the steps. Reading this guide will help to make sure that you inject the right amount of insulin every time. Otherwise you may get too little or too much insulin, and that can affect your blood sugar levels. These instructions are supplied as a guide only. Read the full instruction leaflet accompanying this pen before you use Lantus® SoloSTAR® for the first time. To help ensure an accurate dose each time, follow all steps in the leaflet. Important Safety Information for Lantus® SoloSTAR® Lantus® SoloSTAR® is a disposable prefilled insulin pen. To help ensure an accurate dose each time, patients should follow all steps in the Instruction Leaflet accompanying the pen: otherwise they may not get the correct amount of insulin, which may affect their blood glucose Please click here for full Important Safety Information and here for full Prescribing Information for Lantus®. If there’s anything you don’t understand or if you have any questions, ask your healthcare provider. You can also go online to Lantus.c Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. svengali35

    I take 33 units of Lantis every evening. I don't have a great deal of fatty areas on my body and with the large amount vs. my novolog I just shoot in the buttox (well the side anyway as i am not an owl) The Hospitals refer to anything above the hip as a clean site and anything below the hip as a dirty site… so just prep the area extra carefully and there should be no problems. good luck to you and yours.

  2. firefightermom

    hey!! hang in there it does get easier and it gets to be second nature after awhile.My daughter has had diabetes(type 1)for 4 years she was diagnosed in kindergarden.I felt like it was a tragedy at first but you know what it has made us so close she is strong beyound words and she is my Only hero…We give her Lantus in her upper arm also at a different spot each time and we alternate arms she has 14 units a night.A friend told me that the doctors suggest the buttocks because that is the area where a pump would be and they get used to it there(don't know if that's true as we use syringes)but I do know the arm is fine,her doctor always checks her arms and they are fine.Just wanted to encourge you that you're doing a fine job of taking care of your son and you've got friends if you want to talk.

  3. vgarrison

    I am quite surprised that your daughter is on syringes instead of the lantus pen..is there a significant reason? Or is it even an issue…I know I was using the syringes then went to the pen and I love it so much better. Less to throw away as well. Just my thoughts.

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