Where Can You Give Insulin Injections On The Body?

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The Best Spots To Give Dogs Insulin Shots

Even if you don't like needles, giving your dog an insulin injection need not be a scary experience. Small, thin syringe needles and single-use pens make the job quick and painless. It is important to vary the site where you inject your dog so he does not become sore from repeated pokes. Choose the best sites along his body where the skin is easily pulled away from the muscle. The Importance of Proper Placement Loose folds of skin or fatty areas make ideal areas to give your dog an injection. The idea is to deposit the insulin in the fat under the skin. Pick up a piece of skin with the hand that is not holding the syringe and gently pull it away from the body in a little tent shape. Insert the needle so the medicine will penetrate into the fatty area below the skin. An injection that is too shallow will prevent the full dose of insulin from absorbing into his system. Poking too deeply will insert the needle into his muscle, causing pain. Between the Shoulders Loose skin at the back of the neck between the shoulders is one of the easiest places to give your dog his insulin. Hold the syringe in the hand that you write with and raise the fold of skin with the other. Insert the needle Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. ruthdeming

    where on my body can i inject insulin?

    would appreciate your help on this. thanks. - ruth deming of phila, PA

  2. kgordon

    Welcome ruth to DD. As for injection sites the lower belly area staying 2" from the belly button to around the side or "love handles". This is generally considered the prime territory for insulin absorbtion. Also the top and outside of the thighs can work as well as the back of the upper arms. These are areas where there is a natural fat area under the skin. We are looking to inject insulin into these "fatty" tissues laying underneath the layers of skin.
    See the link:

  3. gojudego

    Hi there! Yes I agree totally with the above respeonse! It is right on....must add a few things I learnt here about injecting insulin also that might help ya!
    1.The #1 area for injection is definitely the belly ....But if that causes you problems the upper thigh is also good ( and mentioned above)....IMPORTANT TO NOTE>>>>**** No one ever told me when injecting long acting insulin( like lantus) it is NORMAL to get a kind of bump after injecting as It is a long acting insulin...and the bump is the storage of insulin that should help to carry you throughout the day! if the doasage is correct....most diabetics still inject fast acting insulin @ meals ( humalog or novorapid to cover meals...carbs eatten will naturally raise Bg levels....sorry if you are an experienced insulin user as this knowledge you will already Know....lol!...
    2. the most important trick...I recently learned if injecting into you thigh ( as I do @ night as my need for insulin ( lantus is very large ....54 u ...) is that if.... you are sitting down it is much easier to inject !The love handles in your side of thigh are easier to find extra fat and you will avoid any veins there ....no brusing than also !
    3. You can aslo get extra fine needles ( contraversal here) but I still find they work fine ...BD Ultra Fine III 5mm gauge ...which is all personal preference but again because I inject a lot of lantus my pharmacy reccomended this gauage of needle to prevent as it does bruises ( injections were getting painful @ night) and it is way less painful for ME..(.personally again) as 2 injections at night of 34 + 20 =54 was a bit painful....after time I could not inject this into my stomach as I have a hernia from childbirth ...many years ago became huge as I was gestational diabetic ,....but delievered a healthy guy who is now almost 16....Hope this was helpful to you and others....so many people helped me here ....2 years ago when I started insulin....THE BEST DECISION I ever did ...I must add....and it should have been recommended way earlier as I am a diabetic ..11 years now...INsulin gave me my CONTROL back....Good luck to all....gojudego!...

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