When Did Insulin First Come Out?

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  1. Terri & Tananda

    I am asking this for a friend who's cat is currently on Lantus.
    My friends cat Shakota has developed a rash around his eyes that appears to be very itchy and leaves him constantly pawing at his face. Her vet is insisting it is a food allergy, but from what she tells me she is feeding him that just doesn't sound right. The pharmacy information she received with the insulin says in humans a rare side effect could be a facial rash around the eyes. It sounds reasonable to me that the insulin is causing it, but I have no experience with lantus so I can't answer this question for her. I think his insulin needs to be changed, but she is hesitant to challenge her vet. Any information anyone has on this side effect that I could help arm her with would be very helpful. Has anyone ever seen this in a cat?

  2. Jill & Alex (GA)

    in rare instances, i have heard of itchiness at the injection site with lantus or levemir. haven't heard anything about a rash or itchiness around the eyes, but i suppose anything is possible. i'd be more inclined to think of flea/mite bites... or as the vet said, food allergies.
    sorry, not much help...

  3. Blue

    I am not much help either, but if your friend suspect the Lantus as a problem, why not just talk to the vet about switching to Levemir? I think it may just be simpler to change the food, but it's hard to say without knowing what foods and treats are now being fed, what was fed before, and when the reaction started. How long has that cat been on Lantus and also this particular container of Lantus?
    Lots of variables, and I don't think I would jump to the rare one first when you can just try something simple like some food trials.

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