What Is The Fastest Acting Insulin

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Fast-acting Insulin

Even when you think you’re doing everything right with your diabetes care regimen, it can sometimes seem like your blood glucose levels are hard to control. One potential source of difficulty that you may not have thought of is how you time your injections or boluses of rapid-acting insulin with respect to meals. Since the first rapid-acting insulin, insulin lispro (brand name Humalog), came on the market in 1996, most diabetes experts have recommended taking it within 15 minutes of starting a meal (any time between 15 minutes before starting to eat to 15 minutes after starting to eat). This advice is based on the belief that rapid-acting insulin is absorbed quickly and begins lowering blood glucose quickly. However, several years of experience and observation suggest that this advice may not be ideal for everyone who uses rapid-acting insulin. As a result, the advice on when to take it needs updating. Insulin basics The goal of insulin therapy is to match the way that insulin is normally secreted in people without diabetes. Basal insulin. Small amounts of insulin are released by the pancreas 24 hours a day. On average, adults secrete about one unit of insulin per hour regardless Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Skylin

    Hi I have found in articles that it lasts till the expiration date, but has anyone found that it can go past the expiration?

  2. Vicky & Gandalf (GA) & Murrlin

    The actual expiration on the pen? Not personally, but I have heard of others who have used pens past the expiration date and been OK. It's all in the care really. Refrigerate, refrigerate, refrigerate. And in a stable part which does not get too cold (too near the freezer compartment) and not in the door or section that gets moved a lot. Don't shake the pen ever.
    I would still be leery of expired pens though. I bought mine at the pharmacy so I assumed it was very freshly produced and expirations were at least 18 to 20 months out. That's a long time.

  3. Skylin

    Oh ok. Thank you!

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