What Is The Action Of Insulin In The Body?

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Insulin's Role In The Human Body

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that has a number of important functions in the human body, particularly in the control of blood glucose levels and preventing hyperglycemia. It also has an effect on several other areas of the body, including the synthesis of lipids and regulation of enzymatic activity. Insulin and Metabolic Processes The most important role of insulin in the human body is its interaction with glucose to allow the cells of the body to use glucose as energy. The pancreas usually produces more insulin in response to a spike in blood sugar level, for example after eating a meal high in energy. This is because the insulin acts as a “key” to open up the cells in the body and allows the glucose to be used as an energy source. Additionally, when there is excess glucose in the bloodstream, known as hyperglycemia, insulin encourages the storage of glucose as glycogen in the liver, muscle and fat cells. These stores can then be used at a later date when energy requirements are higher. As a result of this, there is less insulin in the bloodstream, and normal blood glucose levels are restored. Insulin stimulates the synthesis of glycogen in the liver, but when Continue reading >>

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  1. Martica and Fred

    Oh crap, I just gave my cat Benji, who is NOT diabetic, the shot meant for the new foster, Bam Bam (who looks exactly alike--both Russian Blues). It was about 0.75 units of Lantus and Benji had switched food plates with Bam Bam in the few seconds that I was filling up the needle.
    What happens when you give a non-diabetic insulin? I assume that his glycogen is going to kick in and save him...I just gave him some Nutrical on top of the food he was already eating. Am I going to have to stay up all night testing him?

  2. BJM

    You'll be up for a bit, because he didn't start high.
    First, get a test on him now to see where you're starting.
    Get out your high carb food; if you don't have any, grab karo/honey/maple syrup to add.

  3. Carl & Polly & Bob (GA)

    I would test him now to try to get a "baseline" number. Wow, I'm not sure but I would think his liver will react? But to be safe, yeah, I'd probably try for a +2 to see what it looks like.

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