What Is The Absolute Fastest Way To Get Into Ketosis

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The Easiest Way To Get Into Ketosis

What is the fastest way to get into ketosis? How long does it take to start busting out those ketones and become a fat burning machine? Let’s find out. For those of you unaware, ketosis is a metabolic state, wherein your body’s default fuel source – glucose – has been replaced by the alternative of fat molecules. This happens when several conditions are met: Liver glycogen stores (100-150 grams of glucose) have been depleted and the liver starts converting fatty acids into ketone bodies. This takes approximately 16 hours or so. The concentration of serum blood ketone levels is above 0.5 mMols, optimally not higher than 3.0 mMols. Blood sugar and circulating insulin have dropped significantly, while not causing a hypoglycemic response. There are several ways to cover these conditions and get into ketosis: Fast for an extended period of time Restrict your carbohydrate intake to close to zero for a few weeks Both of them are viable options but what we’re after is the fastest way to get into ketosis. But first, what’s the easiest way to get into ketosis? Don’t think that I’m getting sidetracked because it’s relevant and an essential component to increasing your speed Continue reading >>

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  1. DustinX

    Fasting to get into ketosis... faster?

    The other day I remembered that when I was young I had to get a physical. Well to keep the story short, I hadn't eaten much the day before and didn't eat breakfast before I went. After he looked at the urine results I remember him asking if I ate breakfast, he said he asked because I had alot of ketones in my urine.
    I was thinking, would it be possible to do a 24 hour fast to enter ketosis and then the next day continue a keto diet (I'm saying for when you're first starting a keto diet). Maybe 12 hours of fasting would get you into ketosis? I'm not sure, but I figured this could be a quick way to get into ketosis without having to wait 3 or even 4 days when you first begin.

  2. Eileen

    If you are young and active, then you'll get into ketosis quickly. Someone who is older or less active will take longer the first time.
    Fasting will get out into ketosis, but so will eating high fat meals. Don't know about you, but I get very crabby if I miss my breakfast.

  3. jg_girl088

    yeah it sure will. I remember reading in Good Calories Bad Calories that the original recommendation for the ketogenic diet was to start with a 48 hour fast, however, atkins was the one who changed it to a 2 week induction period of minimal carbs.

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