What Is An Insulin Drip

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Is It Safe To Administer A Glucose Saline Drip To A Type 2 Diabetic Patient On Insulin After Surgery? Is There A Separate Drip For Them?

STOP. CHECK THE BLOOD SUGAR. Proceed. Every patient and every diabetic is different. I worked on a med surg floor that specialized in diabetes at one of the best hospitals in the country. most patients post op were on ringers not saline. If hypoglycemia were a significant concern for this patient due to their specific needs, and they were a dialysis patient (common among diabetics with poor control) then the fluid rate would be quite slow and it would explain not using ringers. Its its not unimaginable that it could be a reasonable order. A good physician should be happy to explain the order to you if you have doubts speak up and ask for a brief rationale. Kindly tell them you will happily share with the other burses so they don't get similar calls I the order is correct. That should mitigate their annoyance. Continue reading >>

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  1. coni

    Does anyone combine Lantus and Humolog or Novolog in one shot to reduce the number of overall daily injections? I have heard it's possible. (This makes it sound like our kids are one big science experiment.) If you combine the insulins, which one are you supposed to draw up first? Don't you have to make sure you don't get any of the Humolog or Novolog mixed into the Lantus?

  2. sammysmom

    You are going to get different opinions on this and you may get some really die hard opinions also. We mixed lantus/log for 4 years and NEVER had a problem with doing so. Some are going to say "the instructions say not to" but we all know that not approved does not mean anything sometimes. There are several studies saying that it is alright to do so, although at this moment I can not link them to you. Always inject right away. Like I said, we did it for 4 year and never had a problem.

  3. Bsbllmom

    Our endo said it was ok and to draw up the humalog first.

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