What Insulin Is Used For Sliding Scale

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What Is Insulin Sliding Scale?

Sliding scale insulin is sometimes used by doctors to help regulate a patient's blood sugar levels. Although it can be helpful for some, its effectiveness is questionable, and a good deal of controversy surrounds its use. Definition Sliding scale insulin is generally defined as a set of instructions for administering insulin dosages based on specific blood glucose readings. Some sliding scales are in the form of general charts that are used for many different patients with doses given based on the patient's weight and activity level. Other sliding scales are individualized with guidelines and doses calculated for the individual patient by a doctor based on the patient's specific needs and medical history. Uses Sliding scale insulin is often used short-term during periods of insulin adjustment, illness, hospitalization or any other time when acute management of insulin becomes necessary. It can also be ordered as a standing order backup to an ongoing glucose management plan (i.e. give 2 additional units if blood sugar level goes above 200) or as the sole means of insulin management where blood glucose checks are done at regular intervals and sliding scale insulin is given each time Continue reading >>

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  1. mbudzi

    What is a Sliding Scale

    I have Googled this and what I have found doesn't make sense, can someone explain?
    It seems to be a method used when diabetics are in hospital. It looks like it sets the insulin does based upon BG. However I can't get clear whether the insulin is Long Acting/Intermediate or Short Acting.
    Assuming its Long Acting - is this then just the same as a two dose regime that would be used at home? In which case, where dose the BG testing come into setting the insulin levels.
    Confused :crazy: :?

  2. sammyk

    My husband was recently in hospital for a week and he was put onto an insulin pump. They mentioned sliding scale but not too sure what they meant. I do know though that the pump admisistered insulin per hour and was adjusted as needed and they cheked his blood sugar every hour. Dont know if this helps any
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  3. Ambersilva

    I was put on a sliding scale when I was admitted to hospital for the initial treatment by Intravenous cannulation to:
    Correct fluid loss with intravenous fluids
    Correct hyperglycemia with short acting insulin

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