What Happens If I Forget To Take My Metformin

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Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please,join our community todayto contribute and support the site. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I'm a newly Dx T2 trying to get in habit of taking medications. I forgot to take yesterday. Do i take 2 today? How do i make up for my forgetfulness? Also, is there a 'best' time for me to take the single dose? I wouldn't try to make up the forgotten dose, just take your dose today as you normally would. To get in the habit of taking your meds, I'd suggest your taking it just after you eat your breakfast. You could take it at the same time you brush your teeth. If nothing else, leave yourself a sticky note on your mirror in the bathroom where you'll see it each time you look in the mirrow. You could also get put an extra metformin or two in your meter case, that way if you forget and then think of it later, you'll have one to take. I take mine twice daily. I take one just after brushing my teeth in the morning (I don't have any problems taking it w/o food) and my second dose I take just after brushing my teeth before bedtime). As for when to take the one dose, if you have trouble with your morning #'s be Continue reading >>

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  1. thisbuttonsucks

    I'm supposed to take 1000mg with breakfast, and 1000mg with dinner, but I usually take 1000mg about four hours after breakfast when I suddenly remember, and have about a 50% success rate at remembering my evening dose. I have a terrible memory, and the only reason I remember my other medications is because I leave them next to my bed with a glass of water.
    My blood sugar levels seem to be OK in the morning after I forget, but I'm also concerned that this erratic application of my medication could cause issues further down the road.
    Would it be OK to take my pills on an empty stomach upon waking, and at 5:00pm (as I do with my other medications)? I don't have the stomach issues a lot of others have with the Metformin, but I worry nonetheless.

  2. Eylisia

    Food apparently increases the absorption of the meds, which is why you're supposed to take them with food. It's not simply a matter of negating stomach issues. Can you not set an alarm on your phone?

  3. thisbuttonsucks

    If I remember, I set an alarm when I start eating to test my BGL in an hour, but I don't eat at the same time every day. Sometimes breakfast is at 8:30, sometimes it's 10:45. That's why I need to make sure it's ok to take well before I eat. If I can do it at a set time every day, I can incorporate it into my routine.
    Really, my memory is so bad I put all my important stuff on my coworker's calendar. She reminds me of my appointments, and I teach her how to use her computer.

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