What Does It Mean To Have Low Insulin?

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Are Elevated Glucose And Low Insulin Problematic ?

"Are elevated glucose and low insulin problematic?" Nope. In fact your numbers are excellent and typical for a low carb eater. For a complete analysis, I defer to Peter at Hyperlipid: A LC eater has a FBG of 5.5mmol/l, technically pre diabetic, but blood insulin is 3.5 IU/ml. This is VERY low. Glucose is in very short supply but blood glucose is maintained by physiological insulin resistance, ie the muscles are full of triglycerides assembled from free fatty acids (NEFA) from lipolysis. The LC eater has breakfast, with enough protein from his eggs or particularly casein from his yoghurt to raise insulin from 3.5 IU/ml to 5.0IU/ml. This inhibits lipolysis enough to reduce NEFA in the bloodstream, intramuscular triglycerides fall and muscle insulin sensitivity returns. There's minimal glucose coming from the gut and so plasma glucose drops to between 4.0 and 5.0mmol/l, probably nearer 4.0mmol/l. It fluctuates between 4.0 and 5.0 after and between each LC meal. In the early hours of the morning there is a growth hormone surge and NEFA from lipolysis peak early morning to give insulin resistant muscles and an elevated FBG. MEAN glucose over 24h will be in 4 point somethingish, HbA1c wi Continue reading >>

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  1. energy

    Low C-Peptide, Low Insulin and Low Iron: What does it mean??

    I just learned that my tests of C-PEPTITE, TOTAL INSULIN and IRON SERUM & IRON SATURATION all came LOWER than normal. Since I will not be able to see my doctor at least a month, due to scheduling, and I am wondering what does it mean???
    By the way, at the beginning of this year I was told I am pre-diabetic. I am not on medication, but follow a ow carb diet and exercise regularly. My current A1C is 5.6

  2. jwags

    I would ask your doctor to run GAD 65 Antibody tests to see if you may be LADA ( slow onset type 1). Maybe you could get the tests done before your appointment next month so he can discuss the findings.

  3. vpenning

    Low c peptide can be associated with low insulin levels. This can be caused by more than just diabetes, so Jeanne's suggestion of the other test could pinpoint as to whether you are LADA or have some other condition that is causing this.

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