What Does Insulin Do

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What Is Insulin?

Insulin is a hormone; a chemical messenger produced in one part of the body to have an action on another. It is a protein responsible for regulating blood glucose levels as part of metabolism.1 The body manufactures insulin in the pancreas, and the hormone is secreted by its beta cells, primarily in response to glucose.1 The beta cells of the pancreas are perfectly designed "fuel sensors" stimulated by glucose.2 As glucose levels rise in the plasma of the blood, uptake and metabolism by the pancreas beta cells are enhanced, leading to insulin secretion.1 Insulin has two modes of action on the body - an excitatory one and an inhibitory one:3 Insulin stimulates glucose uptake and lipid synthesis It inhibits the breakdown of lipids, proteins and glycogen, and inhibits the glucose pathway (gluconeogenesis) and production of ketone bodies (ketogenesis). What is the pancreas? The pancreas is the organ responsible for controlling sugar levels. It is part of the digestive system and located in the abdomen, behind the stomach and next to the duodenum - the first part of the small intestine.4 The pancreas has two main functional components:4,5 Exocrine cells - cells that release digestive en Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Msmoonpie

    Why does my insulin make my blood sugar rise/do nothing sometimes?

    My blood sugar was 224, so I took my insulin like directed, I waited 15 minutes, 235. I tried to calm myself down but my anxiety started to rise (anytime I go above 200 I feel like the worst person, that my doctor will think I'm the worst, all kinds of terrible things). I waited another 15 minutes and now it's 255. I took my insulin, novolog so fast acting, I haven't eaten in over an hour, and I took correct amount of insulin with my meal. Why is this happening? Is this normal? Also, sometimes when I go high, I start shaking and feeling like I'm low, though obviously I'm not. Any ideas?

  2. Msmoonpie

    Update. 30 minutes after the last reading it's at 263 and I'm giving more insulin

  3. Msmoonpie

    So after an hour and a half, and 8 units of insulin, it's dropping, slowly, but it's dropping. I am on my period, could this just be hormonal stuff?

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