What Causes A Lack Of Insulin?

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Insulin Diseases

Insulin is a hormone that helps the body utilize glucose as a source of energy from food. There are several diseased conditions associated with disturbed insulin secretion and utilization by the body. These include: This is an all-encompassing term for hyperglycemia or excessive blood sugar. There are further classifications of diabetes mellitus. These include: Type 1 diabetes or Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) In these patients there are auto-immune mechanisms in which the bodys own immune cells attack the insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas. This leads to an absolute insulin deficiency. These patients need to be supplemented with insulin injections from outside. Type 2 or Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) This is a condition where the body fails to produce the required amount of insulin. Thus there is a relative insulin deficiency. Genetic susceptibility, environmental factors, obesity, lack of physical exercise, insulin resistance etc. may lead to relative insulin deficiency. Gestational diabetes Some pregnant women require more insulin than their body can produce during pregnancy. This is also a state of relative insulin deficiency Impaired gl Continue reading >>

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  1. molson1959

    lack of insulin or insulin resistance

    Greetings members,
    As a newbie T2, i have lots of questions as i am sure a lot of you had.
    Can someone tell me in general terms how treatment differs with the two distinct diabetes problems mentioned above.
    I have looked through the forums but did not find what i was looking for, if this has been covered previously, accept my opologizes and perhaps direct me to the correct thread
    Thanks in advance

  2. jwags

    Welcome Mike to DD. Lack of insulin or insulin insufficiency can be tested by a C Peptide test. Insulin resistance can also be tested with a C Peptide. If you have a high level of insulin and high fasting numbers you probably are insulin resistant. A very low number may indicate lack of insulin. Once your beta cells are damaged they usually don't regenerate and you will probably need injected insulin.

  3. Lynnw

    From what I've read, a lot of doctors don't make the distinction between IR and insulin insufficiency. To my doctor, high blood sugar is the issue...WHY it's high is irrelevant. He started going down his list of medications, starting with Metformin. If it didn't work, he'd shrug and try the next drug on the list. I had to beg him to do tests (except lipids...he was crazy for lipid tests, even though mine were good every time). I want answers, so I wasn't happy with that. Seems to me you'd want to know WHY it's high to determine the best treatment.

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