Type 2 Diabetes Impaired Insulin Secretion

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The Hnd Mouse, A Nonobese Model Of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus With Impaired Insulin Secretion

The HND mouse, a nonobese model of type 2 diabetes mellitus with impaired insulin secretion 1Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, College of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Chubu University, Matsumoto-cho 1200, Kasugai 487-8501, Japan, 2Department of Applied Molecular Bioscience, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan and 3Department of Pharmacology, Oita University Faculty of Medicine, Oita, Japan (Correspondence should be addressed to F Horio; Email: horiof{at}isc.chubu.ac.jp) Objectives: This study aimed to develop a novel type 2 diabetes model designated the HND (HorioNiki diabetic) mouse, by transferring diabetogenic genes from wild castaneus mice (Mus musculus castaneus) captured in the Philippines into laboratory mice (C57BL/6J:B6). Methods: Offspring from the cross between a wild male and a B6 female were backcrossed to the sire. One male backcross which exhibited fasting hyperglycemia was crossed with a B6 female to comprise the fundamental stock (F0). Thereafter, full-sib mating was performed, and mice with impaired glucose tolerance were selected and bred from the F2 generation. Characterization of the phenotype of HND mice a Continue reading >>

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  1. mvp

    Bad Karma with High End Cat Care continues for me. (Story below.)
    Questions here:
    1. Any of your DVMs use this or is it as out-of-date as the Wikipedia entry says?
    2. If you do use it, how many units has your cat been prescribed? A ball-park number will do.
    The Story:
    So Cat-Who-Never-Seems-To-Get-A-Good-Enough-Diabetes-Vet-Despite-My-Best-Efforts, is accidentally given 7 units of this stuff last night. Normal dose is 3 units.
    That's a 911 situation....
    Or a pending 911 situation since this is a time-released drug. You can kill a cat with too much insulin. Worse, you can make it so hypoglycemic that is has seizures. Besides a bad show, you some bad and permanent neurological damage with one of these. I'm trying to ward this off, you know?
    My own vet (new to me and I'm in a new state) has an answering service that won't pick up... at 9 pm to help me trouble shoot so that I'm not calling them with a real emergency at 3 am.
    Other vets I do find (on bended knee) give me instructions and ideas. But no one can tell me just how out of line the 3 units or 7 units is for a 14# cat. (Of course, I have yet to figure out if Kitteh is well-regulated enough on the 3 units.)
    Kitteh weighed in: Was very hungry after the 7 unit overdose and then kindly stayed vertical and purring for the rest of the night.
    Would you believe a cat who "told you" how many units of insulin to give her?

  2. Marshfield

    3 units would be a typical dosage. I like Lantus a lot better for cats or pro zinc which is labelled for cats. A fructosamine level will help you access how your cat is doing overall for blood sugar regulation.

  3. mvp

    Thanks for the clue, Marshfield. It's more than I got from my most recent vet. I'm grateful.
    Kitteh could do with a fructosamine level right about now. Between August and Thanksgiving, she had changes in her lifestyle, food, insulin and the rest, so it would have been hard to know how our current insulin and dosage was working.
    The Lantus and ProZinc were the insulins of choice for the Boutique- and Barrio Vets, respectively. New Country Vet sent us to the Humulin.
    I'm a sitting duck and don't know better from worse each time.
    Seriously. The Bad Small Animal Vet Karma is real. Usually, I know when I have been an a-hole and contributed to the problem. There is some of that here, I'm sure. But it's disproportionate to the karmic punishment I'm getting.
    I did call up the vets who helped me trouble-shoot my pending emergency last night to let them know that "their" cat had been ok in the end and to thank them for their contribution to that.
    The vet who laughed with me last night about how Catness would welcome more emergencies if that meant she got fed in the middle of the night will probably get my business.

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