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A Cheaper Version Of The Lifesaving Diabetes Medication Just Launched In The Us

A Type 1 diabetes patient holds up bottles of insulin.Reuters/Lucy Nicholson A new form of insulin just hit American markets. It's called Basaglar, and it is 15% less than the list price of Lantus and Toujeo, two long-acting insulins made by Sanofi Aventis, 21% less than the list price of Levemir, and 28% less than Tresiba, two long-acting insulins made by Novo Nordisk. Basaglar was approved in December 2015, but had to wait a year before launching on Thursday. A spokeswoman for Eli Lilly, the company that makes Basaglar and other insulins, told Business Insider that the list price for a pack of 5 pens is $316.85 — that's before any discounts, or factoring in what insurance might cover. It is part of a group of medications called "follow-on biologics" and together, they are expected to save the US billions of dollars over the next decade. Why there's no generic form of insulin For people living with Type 1 diabetes and some who live with Type 2, injections of insulin — a hormone that helps people absorb and process the sugar in food — are a necessary part of daily life. And insulin, in one form or another, has been around since the 1920s. But because it's made of living cells Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. She ra

    Is 1 ml 100 units on an insulin syringe? (for dog vaccine)

    that is my question, is 1 ml 100 units on an insulin syringe. I looked it up and there are many a couple of different answers, most of them say 1ml is 100 units....
    What say you my friends?

  2. furball64801

    No its not try taking a bottle and put 100 units in the syringe, I know its very confusing but you could not put a bottle in it.

  3. kgordon

    100u insulin is 100 units/mL.
    500u insulin is 500 units/mL
    40u insuilin is 40 units/mL.
    and so on . . .
    The typical vial here in the states is a 10mL bottle which contains 1000 units. It's important to make sure that the syringe one is using is marked for the insulin one is using. Syringes marked for use with 100u insulin come in sizes to hold either 100u (1mL), 50u (1/2mL) and 30u (.30mL). It is possible to use insulins of other strengths in these syringes but you would first have to convert as the marks are no longer valid for insulin of other strengths.
    So, to answer the question. Yes, if you have a 100 unit syringe marked for use with 100u then filling it up to the 100u mark will fill it with 1mL of 100u insulin.

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DISCLAIMER: Never refill pens with insuline and then use for medical purposes. I refilled them with isopropanol and colors for doing inlays.

Novocare | Savings Card For Tresiba (insulin Degludec Injection)

Please provide your phone number(s) and check the box below if you are interested in receiving calls, texts, and other Novo Nordisk service notifications from Novo Nordisk. Yes, I would like Novo Nordisk to contact me via telephone and text message at the telephone number(s) I provided above regarding Novo Nordisks products, goods, or services. I understand these calls or texts may be generated using an automated technology and I do not have to consent to receive communications via telephone or text messaging before purchasing goods or receiving other services from Novo Nordisk. If eligible, I understand that certain information pertaining to my use of the Card will be shared by my pharmacy with Novo Nordisk, the sponsor of the Card. The information disclosed will include the date I filled the prescription, amount of medication dispensed by my pharmacist, and amount I will be reimbursed by Novo Nordisk. This information may be used by Novo Nordisk to provide me with information about my prescription. Should I begin receiving prescription benefits from a federal, state, orother government-funded programat any time, I will no longer be eligible to participate in this program. You ma Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. KTCwyo

    Insulin and hunger

    To me one of the mysteries of diabetes is the role of insulin and hunger. I think I have this scenario correct:
    1. Our stomachs are empty, our glucose level is low, and our insulin level is low.
    2. We eat a balanced meal and the filling of our stomach induces a release of insulin
    from our pancreas to keep our glucose level low and to store up energy as glycogen
    and fat. (T2 diabetics lack this response)
    3. That spike of insulin subsides and we then more slowly release insulin as the food is
    digested. (T2 diabetics still maintain some of this response)
    4. In another 4 to 5 hours we repeat this for lunch and supper
    That all makes perfect sense.
    But the mystery is that insulin also has receptors in our brains that say, “I’M HUNGRY”. Why would nature do this? If our bodies have high insulin it should mean that we also have a high BG and we DON’T need more food. Yet it is this very situation that causes T2 diabetics to lose control of their weight and to develop complications. Prediabetics, as seen from their high c-peptide levels, have higher than normal amounts of insulin due to their healthy pancreas and insulin resistance. Thus they’re hungry all time.
    My only rational is that our bodies are over precautious. Nature says that a high insulin level could lead to dangerous hypoglycemia so we should eat something. If you are not diabetic the high insulin spike after starting a meal may lead you to want a sweet dessert, but before it leads you to over eat, the insulin level drops and you are satiated. In a T2 the insulin level stays higher due to insulin resistances and T2s eat more than they should.
    Perhaps the brain’s “I’M HUNGRY” requires two situations: high insulin and low glucose. If the brain is insulin resistant it may sense a low glucose when it really is high. It may only recognize the amount of glucose that enters its cells and that is low if insulin cannot open the cells to glucose. This would lead to an inappropriate response in T2 diabetics. EAT!!! You are dying from hypoglycemia. In a nondiabetic the situation would be high insulin and high glucose and that would not lead to the “I’M HUNGRY” signal.
    Does this make sense? For some reason I never see this explained properly in books.

  2. Rob

    More recent studies have said that signaling goes on between: pancreas, brain, liver, fat, bone marrow, muscle(?), gut. Understanding of all of this is a little better than zero.

  3. Rad Warrier

    Originally Posted by KTCwyo
    Perhaps the brain’s “I’M HUNGRY” requires two situations: high insulin and low glucose. If the brain is insulin resistant it may sense a low glucose when it really is high.
    I have read that the brain does not become insulin resistant because its cells do not need the mediation of insulin for glucose to be transported into them. Unlike muscle and adipose cells in which we have GLUT 4 for glucose transportation (GLUT 4 needs insulin for transporting glucose into cells) brain cells have GLUT 1 (or GLUT 3, I forgot which) which does not need insulin for transporting glucose into cells. This is what I have read.

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Is My Test, Item, Or Service Covered?

How often is it covered? Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) doesn’t cover insulin (unless use of an insulin pump is medically necessary), insulin pens, syringes, needles, alcohol swabs, or gauze. Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) may cover insulin and certain medical supplies used to inject insulin, like syringes, gauze, and alcohol swabs. If you use an external insulin pump, insulin and the pump may be covered as durable medical equipment (DME). However, suppliers of insulin pumps may not necessarily provide insulin. For more information, see durable medical equipment. Your costs in Original Medicare You pay 100% for insulin (unless used with an insulin pump, then you pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount, and the Part B deductible applies). You pay 100% for syringes and needles, unless you have Part D. To find out how much your specific test, item, or service will cost, talk to your doctor or other health care provider. The specific amount you’ll owe may depend on several things, like: Other insurance you may have How much your doctor charges Whether your doctor accepts assignment The type of facility The location where you get your test, item, or service Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Quah

    Many years ago I started on Humulin N. I gained weight, then my glucose level would go up, then my Dr. increased the dosage... my weight went up... then the glucose... then he increased it again... until I was up to 219 pounds. I decided it was hopeless and dumb to keep doing this. So I quit the insulin and started on a variety of pills through the years. I lost 80 pounds. I'm a short person and actually need to lose about 20 - 30 more pounds. But my Dr. just started me on Lantus Pen.
    My plan is to encrease my exercise regimen and to really watch what I eat. I don't eat any red meat as it is, some poultry and fish, but mostly vegetables. I had to start eating some kind of meat (used to be a vegetarian) due to loss of B vitamins.
    Has anybody got any comments or experience on encreased exercise, etc., helping to stay off the weight gain..even a little?

  2. TE teecab

    Hi, I recently was put on Lantus about 2 months ago and have gained 16 pounds. I have also experienced pain in my elbow and on the sides of both of my pinky fingers. Additionally I experience burning at the injection site. What did your doctor change your meds to?

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