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Immune Systems Of Type 1 Diabetics Can Be ‘retrained’ To Stop Destroying Insulin, Scientists Show

The damaged immune systems of diabetics can be ‘retrained’ to stop them destroying insulin, scientists believe, following successful trials of a pioneering new therapy. Researchers at King’s College London and Cardiff University showed that injecting patients with tiny protein fragments prevented immune cells from targeting vital insulin. Type 1 diabetes develops when a patient's immune system mistakenly attacks the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas. Without treatment the number of beta cells will slowly decrease and the body will no longer be able to maintain normal blood sugar (blood glucose) levels, leading to patients needing daily injections. But a trial involving 27 people showed it was possible to halt the loss of beta cells with fortnightly or monthly injections for six months. There were also no toxic side-effects. A placebo group who were not given the new treatment declined over the same period, while the trial patients all remained stable. The team is now planning larger trials. Professor Mark Peakman, of Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and King's College London, said: "When someone is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes they still typically have b Continue reading >>

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  1. Jim Edwards

    Stopped taking my Insulin

    I have been very discouraged as of late with my BG readings. I left my insulin home by accident when i went to my daughters recently. guess what? My numbers are about the same whether I inject or not. this is discouraging enough that I don't even want to bother testing my sugar levels. As long as i eat fairly well my sugar levels don't vary much, usually in the high 200's low 300's. My doctor says he wants me to test more frequently. I say why bother? If the insulin isn't making much of a difference, why inject it into my body? Example: the other week my morning BG was 340. My normal injection for the AM is 60 units of 70/30. I also have R (fast acting) which is suppose to be injeted in units of 1-5 according to the RX. Out of curiosity, I injected 60 units of R, knowing i needed to watch it closely. After 2 hours my BG was 290. Never dropped below 175. Frustrated, discouraged and ????

  2. fatdad94

    Jim, I understand your situation. I am right there with you. If my Endo doesn't make some headway on controlling my BG I too think I will just stop injecting. My results often act opposite of what they should. My morning BG is the lowest of the day. If I exercise my BG goes up. If I eat properly my BG goes up. If I eat poorly mu BG goes down. What is a person to do but blow it all off! I also went off for a weekend and forgot my insulin. Ddin't take any all weekend and BG stayed in the high 200s, go figure!

  3. jayabee52

    Howdy again Norm,
    I believe your confusion may be alleviated by knowing how diabetes works and how one's body generally works.
    For instance your fasting morning BG SHOULD BE the lowest of the day. After all you have been fasting and not consuming carbs or calories all night.
    To understand what may be a seeming contradiction with excercise, it would be important to know when in the day you were exerising and how long you were exercising. If you exercise before breakfast I could understand why your BGs would rise. Your exercise drops your BG levels during exercise, but your levels get low and to protect you your liver dumps its glycogen stores, which raises your BG levels to keep you from going too low. (EVERYBODY'S body does this. Only people with diabetes (PWDs) don't have the insulin response needed to keep the BG levels at a normal level, so for us, it rises.
    I don't know what you mean by "eat properly" or "eat poorly" because sometimes what we THINK is proper eating may not be the best for us.
    When first Dx'd Dr told me to eat right. I figured that eating right meant to eat light. So for about a month I ate rice cakes. They were not heavy sweets like cakes or pies, they were light and so I thought I was OK. Turns out I was wrong I didn't understand at that time about carbohydrates, and a carbohydrate even a lite one like a puffed ricecake could pack a BG whallop for me since it was essentially a "simple" carb.
    I am not hinting that you are doing exactly that ,Norm, but perhaps something similar. So to define the words eating properly and eating poorly with specific examples might clarify what is going on there.
    About the weekend without insulin and your BG stayed in the high 200s all weekend, we don't have to figure. To go without insulin for those days, BGs of over 200 may be expected.
    If you said you didn't take your insulin and kept your BGs at a normal range, then we would have to go figure out what happened there.
    I would recommend that you NOT blow it all off! Perhaps more education is what is needed as to the why and wherefores of diabetes. This, I believe is an ideal place to get such education, from those of us who walk in the same shoes every day, and who've battled this beast to a standstill.
    Blessings to you and yours my friend!

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