Should Insulin Be Capitalized

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How Would You Use Insulin In A Sentence?

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  1. Stump86

    Another quick question about insulin!
    Say you know you have 4U insulin on board after some meal and you're wanting to take a correction and factor in that IOB. Is that 4U IOB the same as if you had just injected 4U of insulin, or is it somehow diminished having come from an earlier injection? Thanks!

  2. hypercarmona

    It varys from person to person, but I've always assumed that around 15-25% is used per hour after injection. For example, if it's only been 30 minutes since my injection, I'd lop off only 10%. This would leave me with 3.6 units on board for a 4 unit bolus. If this amount is greater than the amount of correction I'd need to take, I wouldn't necessarily need to take a correction.

  3. Richard157

    Carmona seems to deal with this the same way I do. If you took 4U before a meal and your ISF is 4 (insulin lasts 4 hours before giving out) then there is a 3U IOB 1 hr after the meal, 2U at 2hr, 1U at 3hr and 0U at 4hr. This assumes your fast acting does last 4 hr. I use Humalog and I think you use Novolog so it may not last as long??? This is the way my pump is programmed to work.

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