Should Diabetes Be Capitalized In A Sentence

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Avoiding Common Capitalization Errors

In my previous post I detailed the basic rules of capitalization and a few related differences in APA, MLA, Chicago, and AP styles. In today’s post, I will describe some areas of confusion about capitalization I have often observed in my work here at ProofreadingPal. Familial Terms (e.g., mom, uncle) When you are using a familial term as a name, it is functioning as a proper noun and should be capitalized. When you are using such a term to describe a person or a category of people, it should not be capitalized. Look out, Son! I saw Dad slip on a banana peel right where you’re standing. My aunt makes the best tomato soup. All my brothers look like Uncle Jake. References to God(s) The word “god” should be capitalized if it is being used as a proper name of a monotheistic god, as in God in Christianity and Judaism. Otherwise, the word should be lowercased, as in “the god of war.” Pronouns that refer to any god or gods should be lowercased. The main style guides all agree on this, although Chicago does have a note that capitalizing these pronouns is acceptable when writing for a religious audience. I’ll go there tomorrow, God willing. All those Greek gods are so confusing Continue reading >>

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  3. Comment

    Leave them lower-case. If it's E. coli or Salmonella you capitalize them because they're genus names.

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