Should Diabetes Be Capitalized

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Capitalization - Diseases & Breeds

This is one that gives many people problems especially for technical writing papers. When does a disease get capitalized? When it is named after a person. Lyme disease Alzheimer's disease type 1 diabetes cancer Lou Gehrig's disease All of the terms that are capitalized are ones that happen to be names of either the discover of the disease or someone who suffered from it. How would you like to have a disease named after you? Although few people write about dogs or other animals in my English classes, this is a good time to go over breeds of animals. Breeds are capitalized when named after specific countries and regions. German shepherd English setter beagle Jersey cow Belgian horse Labrador retrievers Bengal tiger Continue reading >>

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  1. artjunky

    Hi all, I have a really quick question.
    The sentence is(not really a sentence, more of a subject title): Quality
    Assesments for persons with Diabetes.
    Should the letter 'p' in 'persons' be capitalized?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Trisia

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
    If it's a title, it's capitalised (or so it was years ago, when they taught us that in school). Plus it really looks bad to capitalise the disease and not the people.

  3. artjunky

    Thank you! Also, thanks for the quick response! I have a feeling I will be posting more often.

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