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Hello! Also Have A Question!

Hello! Somewhat new here and just wanted to say hi! Also have a question. Is there anything you can do with extra insulin? I have 3 unopened boxes of Lantus and 1 opened with 4 pens in it. I also have 3 unopened boxes of Levemir and a couple unopened Humilog pens. They dont expire til 2017~18. Seems like a waste to throw them out but I don't know anyone else that takes these. Moderator T2 insulin resistant Using Basal/Bolus Therapy Contact your local Health Department, they some times will accept sealed insulin as a donation. Also check with a veterinary clinic, they also may accept them. Why do you not need them now? If you do not need as much insulin, have your doctor change your prescription. It is VERY frustrating to have to throw out perfectly good, unopened medication, but unfortunately, laws in most states don't let you pass them on to someone else here in the US. In addition to checking with local Humane society, you could consider Insulin For Life . In the OLD DAYS, you could ask a diabetes nurse to direct you to someone who needs insulin but doesn't have any money for it and they would pass it on for you. Some would just give you a name and number to contact. However, ma Continue reading >>

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  1. Bob_G

    My wife has type 2 diabetes and is on disability. But just a couple months ago she was dropped by her prescription insurance company. She uses Humalog and Lantus but even with a discount card we can't afford them. She spent a week in the hospital with ketoacetosis. So what are you wanting for the Humalog?

  2. Jamesh6565

    I have levamer and Humalog pens, that I could part with, if someone needshoot. I'm not able to work right now aND need to pay some bills as I have a 3 year old and a4 month old to take care of..


    You may can qualify for assistance directly from the pharmaceutical companies. It is worth a shot to see. Here is a list and the numbers/sites where you can contact them. Here is the assistance page:

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