Pros And Cons Of Insulin Injections

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Pumps Vs Injections: An Excerpt From “raising Teens With Diabetes”

Parents of teens with diabetes have to make an endless amount of decisions with their teen about how to care for their diabetes, but there’s some good news too. By this time your teen should be taking on a lot of the responsibility for their own diabetes management, and you can start filling more of a support role than a command role (though, don’t get us wrong, sometimes you do have to step back in and be the voice of reason). Set right in the middle of the responsibilities quandary is the decision to use insulin pumps or multiple daily injections. Moira McCarthy in her book “Raising Teens with Diabetes” (Spry Publishing, 2013) has a great run-down on the pros and cons of pumps and MDIs. Pumps versus MDI It has almost become like the breast-feeding question, fraught with judgment: “Your child is pumping, right?” While insulin pumps are relatively new to the diabetes world (two decades ago you’d have had to search hard to find someone on one), they’ve leapt quickly to the forefront of care. And for good reason. Pumping insulin can offer a person with diabetes more freedom, more precision, and less stress on a management basis. But they can be tricky, too: pumps need Continue reading >>

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  1. matthewpool

    I'm curious because, since I was recently diagnosed, my body still make some insulin on its own so I'm on 1 unit per every 15g carbs. Is diabetes less forgiving once you take more?

  2. break_me_down

    I average about 100-110 units per day normally, and that's total. No long acting vs short acting as I'm on a pump. I also go to the gym and lift for an hour 7 days a week - if I ever skip a day, you can bet on having to take at least an extra 60-80 units just to keep things down. To be fair though, when I was diagnosed, it was "T1 diabetic with T2 resistance to insulin". Awesome combination. :/

  3. [deleted]

    I'm roughly taking the same number of units per day as you but more than the days I work out vs the days I skip, stress causes me to need a good bit higher count. If projects piling up at work some meals will take double the normal count of units to get through.

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