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Mixing Insulin

License Here How Do You Mix Insulin? Your doctor or diabetes educator may ask you to mix a short-acting or clear insulin with an intermediate or long acting cloudy insulin in the same syringe so that both can be given at the same time. Keep in mind: The only insulin that cannot be mixed is insulin Glargine. Mixing Insulin In this example, the doctor has asked you to mix 10 units of regular, clear, insulin with 15 units of NPH cloudy insulin, to a total combined dose of 25 units. Always, draw “clear before cloudy” insulin into the syringe. This is to prevent cloudy insulin from entering the clear insulin bottle. Always do this procedure in the correct order, as shown in the following sequence. Roll the bottle of the cloudy insulin between your hands to mix it. Clean both bottle tops with an alcohol wipe. Pull back the plunger of the syringe to the dose of the long-acting (cloudy) insulin in this example 15 units. You now have 15 units of air in the syringe. Check the insulin bottle to ensure you have the correct cloudy type of insulin. With the insulin bottle held firmly on a counter or tabletop, insert the needle through the rubber cap into the bottle. Push the plunger down so Continue reading >>

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