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Delta, Zara And Medtronic Join Marriott In Beijings Doghouse After Location Gaffes

Delta, Zara and Medtronic Join Marriott in Beijings Doghouse After Location Gaffes More foreign companies were in Beijings crosshairs Friday after including regions like Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their websites More foreign companies came into Beijings crosshairs Friday for including regions such as Tibet and Taiwan in a list of independent countries on their Chinese websites, a day after authorities ordered hotel giant Marriott International Inc. to suspend its online operations in the country for a similar offense. Delta Air Lines Inc., the Zara apparel chain and Irish medical-equipment maker Medtronic PLC all came under fire. The Civil Aviation Administration of China said it had met with a Delta representative to demand a... Copyright 2018 Dow Jones & Company , Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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    1. shishupal

      I am diabetics patient of type-1 at the age of 28 years.I am taking the huminsulin30/70 two times at morning-38 and evening-28 regularly since 3-years.But nowdays since January-13 my job is here and there , and always in roaming condition that's why taking the insulin without any fridge . this is correct way of taking insulin without keeping in fridge.

    2. decentsmart

      Hello, if you have pen type then no problem to keep insulin in the box itself.
      No need to keep in fridge. Its handy for travel too.

      You can get pen type , refill, needles from pharmacy.

    3. CPJha

      I was also worried about this issue before going to a place without fridge and power for 15 days. My doctor told me that most of Insulin cartridges ( pen) , in use , can be safely kept outside fridge and at room temperature not above 30 degree celcius for about a month. And I did exactly that all through my travel and field visit . But in summer , when temperature may hower around 40 to 50 degree celcius one may use insulin cooling wallet which uses simple water and costs about Rs 1600. Most of insulin are imported from countries where temeprature is generally below 30 degree celcius. Unfortunately , insulin making MNCs have not addressed temp issue in India properly.

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